Student Council prepares for school year

Members set goals, generate excitement


Grace Farley

Seniors Cailey Hansen-Mahoney and Alexis Machoka lead the Day One pep fest Sept. 8, 2017.

Noah Orloff

Senior Student Council co-president Cailey Hansen-Mahoney said she has many aspirations for the upcoming school year.

“I want to try some new things,” Hansen-Mahoney said. “I think all officers want to do more events throughout the year to keep people engaged beyond just dances and then Homecoming week and Sno Daze week events.”

According to Student Council advisor Sarah Lindenberg, there could be potential changes to the dance format because of the creativity of the leadership.

“It’s a high energy group of students that are the officers, they have a lot of new ideas for what they want to do,” Lindenberg said. “So there will actually be, there kind of the traditional activities that we have kind of always done for Homecoming but they want to add to Sno Daze.”

Sophomore student council representative Michael Boxley-Harmon said Student Council provides students with the ability to make changes in the school.

“We just help (by) being leaders around the school,” Boxley-Harmon said. “I’m going to work toward having my voice be heard a little bit more.”

Senior co-president Alexis Machoka said she wants to work toward making the high school more inclusive.

“I think one of my biggest goals is creating a sense of community and also encouraging students to be more prideful and welcoming to new ideas and new students,” Machoka said. “This year we plan on opening up a few Student Council meetings so students can come in and voice their opinions or concerns.”

Hansen-Mahoney said Student Council is open to hearing from the student body, providing multiple ways to interact with them.

“We do have a suggestion box and we always love to hear from students, so feel free to tweet us, Snapchat us, or DM us on Instagram whenever,” Hansen-Mahoney said.

Lindenberg said she aspires to have a close-knit Student Council, with members who understand their role in the school.

“I think (my goal is) trying to connect the students with each other and with the school as much as possible,” Lindenberg said. “(Another goal is to) make sure that students are having a way that they feel connected and involved, and that they feel that they add value, that their strengths add value to the community here.”

Boxley-Harmon said he looks forward to the activities organized by Student Council.

“The school dances, that’s what I’m most excited for,” Boxley-Harmon said. “For all of our events (I want) to be just magnificent and as perfect as possible.”

According to Machoka, the Student Council has begun its work for the upcoming Homecoming festivities.

“For Homecoming we have already started having a few meetings to plan.” Machoka said. “We’ve already put our council members into committees to plan the dance, the activities, the parade, etc.”

According to Hansen-Mahoney, the Homecoming dance is Sept. 22 and tickets will be sold once the school year begins.