36 Arts President hopes for growth

Senior wishes to enlarge club numbers and events


Ruthie Posada

Senior president of 36 Arts Nechama Buchbinder talks with freshman Shira Hanovich during a 36 Arts meeting Jan. 15. 36 Arts meets every Tuesday morning from 8-8:40 am.

Dahlia Krebs

Senior 36 Arts President Nechama Buchbinder joined the club after she heard that the club would be a great place to try new things.

“It sounded like a really fun group and a great opportunity,” Buchbinder said.

Buchbinder has been adding a lot of events to what the club does, including poetry slams and art shares. She said the setting up and planning of those events is part of what she does for the club.

“I’ve been just planning a bunch of stuff,” Buchbinder said. “We’re going to have art shares, poetry slams, and I’ve been planning those and setting stuff up.”

Christoph Nordmark, adviser of the club, said Buchbinder’s leadership has proved successful because she wants to help students share their art.

“She is a fantastic and passionate leader who cares about students’ art and their voice and supporting them,” Nordmark said.

Buchbinder’s motivation and background with the club has helped her make positive contributions to the club this year, Nordmark said.

“She’s got a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm for motivating her peers,” Nordmark said. “She’s been a part of 36 Arts as long as she’s been at the high school, so she brings a lot of experience to it too.”

According to Buchbinder, this year she wants to expand the club and end the school year with a magazine.

“My goal is to kind of bring 36 Arts and make it bigger again and get more people to join it and get a lot more art and try to make a really big magazine this year,” Buchbinder said.