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Pelosi ripping speech was excessive

Pelosi ripping speech was excessive

Isra Mohamed

February 24, 2020

When I first saw the video of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripping the State of the Union speech, I immediately thought of how the media was going to make a big deal of Pelosi’s actions. I thought she should have expressed her opinion in other ways such as tweeting, because now I believe she will ...

Impeachment explained

President Donald Trump was acquitted February 5 from both charges. Article one was denied 52-48 and article two 51-49. Senator Mitt Romney was the only senator to cross party lines. 

Talia Lissauer and Marta Hill

February 10, 2020

Below are the transcripts to the two animated videos. The videos are available on YouTube and embedded in the transcripts below.  In the midst of this historic impeachment of President Donald Trump, Echo is here to clear up confusion around the process. On July 25th, Trump called President of Ukra...

Impeachment trial ends

Talia Lissauer

February 6, 2020

Fifteen days after the Senate trial for President Donald Trump on the charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power began, Trump was officially acquitted from both charges. The trial took place in two weeks because the Senate voted not to allow any new evidence or witnesses Trump was impeac...

Senator Klobuchar announces presidential bid

Senator Amy Klobuchar initiates presidential campaign at a rally Feb. 10. at Boom Island.

Dani Orloff and Noah Orloff

February 14, 2019

After Senator Amy Klobuchar proclaimed her campaign for the 2020 presidential election in the midst of a snow storm Feb. 10, sophomore Evelyn Gutzke said she is excited to see more diversity in the White House. “I think she will and she has a lot of people supporting her,” Gutzke said. “I...

36 Arts President hopes for growth

Senior president of 36 Arts Nechama Buchbinder talks with freshman Shira Hanovich during a 36 Arts meeting Jan. 15. 36 Arts meets every Tuesday morning from 8-8:40 am.

Dahlia Krebs

January 22, 2019

Senior 36 Arts President Nechama Buchbinder joined the club after she heard that the club would be a great place to try new things. “It sounded like a really fun group and a great opportunity,” Buchbinder said. Buchbinder has been adding a lot of events to what the club does, including poetry...

University of Minnesota finally hires female president

University of Minnesota finally hires female president

Marta Hill

January 18, 2019

In the 167 year history of the University of Minnesota, 16 men have filled the role of university president. That will all change come July 1, 2019 when Joan T.A. Gabel will become the president of the university, according to the University of Minnesota. Currently, Gabel serves as provost at the University of South Carolina, and will continue to serve there until she assumes the po...

Stars unprepared for Presidential role

Stars unprepared for Presidential role

Samantha Klepfer

January 23, 2018

In the wake of Donald Trump’s political success, a slew of celebrities have announced their bid to run for President. Some of these announcements may be jokes, but some seem to be shaping into slightly more serious claims. It's time they get shut down, once and for all. The problem is not in those who begin their ...

Senior leads MED Club as president

MED Club president Hannah Wolk addresses peers at a meeting.Their next meeting is Dec. 17.

Avia Kaner-Roth and Esther Gendler

December 4, 2017

When senior MED Club president Hannah Wolk heard about the MED Club two years ago, she felt very excited to join. “I joined because I have always been interested in going into a medical field, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to be,” Wolk said. Wolk said she always was interested i...

George Hare brings leadership to Robotics Club

Senior George Hare works on the beginning stages of building a robot.

Avia Kaner-Roth and Esther Gendler

November 28, 2017

Senior robotics club president George Hare said he first joined robotics because of his interest in math and science and seeing a good opportunity to improve his skills. “What sparked my interest in robotics is that I want to go into engineering, and robotics is a really cool way to get involved...

Fate of Americans still jeopardized after first year of Trump

Fate of Americans still jeopardized after first year of Trump

Hadeal Rizeq

November 8, 2017

On this exact day last year, I couldn’t help but notice the disbelief and shock I felt as I saw Donald Trump win the presidential election. During that moment, I envisioned disaster and greed in the way our country was going to be led. Currently, the more I hear about President Donald Trump’s statements...

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