GSA meeting gets canceled

Students hope to raise engagement for future meetings


Grace Schultz

Freshmen Ruby Livon and Christina Loschy discuss their opinions on GSA being cancelled Nov. 22. They talk about their opinions on the importance of GSA.

Lilly Strathman and Grace Schultz

When sitting in Madam Sweeney’s classroom on Nov. 21, GSA’s (gay, straight alliance) co-president and senior Anika Jamison had to cancel the meeting because of lack of attendance. 

“There were not enough people there to spark good conversation,” Jamison said. 

According to junior Ainsley Preston-Pepperell, the meetings are helpful in making students feel more comfortable. 

“It makes our student body feel a lot more welcoming of students being unique,” Preston-Pepperell said. “The more the turn-out, the more people can be inspired to be themselves.”

Junior Koby Davis thinks more participation in this club will better the community. 

“I’d love to know more about it and get more people involved because I think people would benefit from a supportive group,” Davis said. 

According to Jamison, the club works on spreading information to more than just the student body.

“Our goal is to make people more open and accepting of their kids,” Jamison said. “We want to help raise awareness of what it means to be LGBTQ.”

Preston-Pepperell said she thinks getting more people involved will lessen the negativity surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. 

“People need to participate and learn about (their differences in sexuality and gender) because there’s still so much hate,” Preston-Pepperell said.

“People need to participate and learn about (their differences in sexuality and gender) because there’s still so much hate” ”

— Preston-Pepperell


According to Davis, the passion the members have will inspire others.

“For the people that are involved it’s really important and deep in their hearts, which is a positive thing that will rub off on others and fix this aspect of society,” Davis said. 

Jamison hopes there will be more attendance at the next meeting because it will make people more comfortable with themselves.

“For the upcoming meeting, the bigger the group, the better because there will be more support to all the members who are expressing themselves,” Jamison said. 

The next GSA meeting will be at 8 a.m. on Dec. 5 in B231.