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GSA meeting gets canceled

Freshmen Ruby Livon and Christina Loschy discuss their opinions on GSA being cancelled Nov. 22. They talk about their opinions on the importance of GSA.

Lilly Strathman and Grace Schultz

December 2, 2019

When sitting in Madam Sweeney’s classroom on Nov. 21, GSA’s (gay, straight alliance) co-president and senior Anika Jamison had to cancel the meeting because of lack of attendance.  “There were not enough people there to spark good conversation,” Jamison said.  According to junior Ain...

GSA reflects on low turnout

Co-presidents of GSA Club and seniors Anika Jamison and Al Woida discuss plans to paint the wall for National Coming Out Day. The first club meeting took place at 8 a.m. on Oct. 3.

Maddie Schutte and Sofia Seewald

October 9, 2019

According to senior and GSA club leader Anika Jamison, after experiencing low turnout at its first meeting, the club is looking to gain new members this year through different events that will promote it. “Our main goal is to work on making sure that people at St. Louis Park know we’re here an...

GSA co-president Anika Jamison promotes equality

Junior Anika Jamison discusses what their plans are for Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club next semester. Jamison is the president of GSA.

Ethan Meisler and Sofie Geretz

January 21, 2019

According to co-president and junior Anika Jamison she got involved in the Gay Straight Alliance, because of the safe space it creates and wanting to make a difference in the community. “I want to make a change at St. Louis Park and make it safer,” Jamison said. “In the beginning, it was findin...

GSA provides safe space

Junior Dayna Krause raises her voice about adding LGBTQ books to the school library during a GSA meeting in room B231.

Ethan Meisler and Sofie Geretz

December 10, 2018

According to junior and GSA co-president Anika Jamison, she joined the Gay Straight Alliance in order to positively change the school’s community. “I have been involved since the middle school, and I really wanted to make a change at Park,” Jamison said. “I wanted to make St. Louis Park fe...

Gay Straight Alliance plans activism

Freshman Sylvia Leppik shares her coming out story to GSA members during their meeting Oct. 25. In their weekly meetings, GSA also discusses current political topics.

Isabel Kjaer

October 30, 2018

.According to junior copresident Anika Jamison, the Gay Straight Alliance hopes to have more focused meetings and plans this year, particularly with regard to activism for LGBTQ rights. “Last year, we were a little less organized. This year, we are cracking down,” Jamison said. Adviser Kyle...

Sophomore feels concern for LGBT community

Sophomore Euan Lim helps lead GSA at 8 a.m. every Thursday in room B231.

Nietzsche Deuel and Ndunzi Kunsunga

October 27, 2017

Co-leader of Gender Sexuality Alliance sophomore Euan Lim said he thinks that while gay rights are moving in the right direction, the last few years have been a step back from the progress made. “If we think of it in the course of decades, (the treatment of the LGBT community) has gotten better,...

Gender Sexuality Alliance discusses new goals

Gender Sexuality Alliance discusses new goals

Nietzsche Deuel and Ndunzi Kunsunga

September 15, 2017

Sophomore Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) leader Euan Lim walked out of the first meeting feeling confident on how the first meeting of the year on Tuesday Sept. 12 went. “(I expected the first meeting) to be very chaotic, but it was a nice organized chaos,” Lim said. “We actually did stuff w...

Senior enjoys leadership role in club

Senior Elise Bargman discusses possible speakers for the upcoming school council meeting on April 24 at 7 p.m.

Nicole Sanford and Isaac Wert

April 17, 2017

For senior president of Gender Sexuality Alliance Elise Bargman, sexual orientation and gender identity hold personal meaning. “I identify as a lesbian, and I’ve always had a very accepting household. My grandma actually was in charge of PFLAG, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, in the...

GSA celebrates National Coming Out Day

Senior GSA members Tehya Latchman and Elise Bargman celebrated National Coming Out Day Oct. 11 with face paint, glitter and a flannel dress code. T

Izzy Leviton, Sophie Yarosh, and Samyu Yenamandra

October 16, 2016

As freshman Svea Bleske decorated her face with paint and glitter, her excitement reflected the euphoria of National Coming Out Day. Bleske said she enjoyed participating in National Coming Out Day with the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA). “It definitely feels good to be able to support the school...

Gender Sexuality Alliance meets with faculty

Madam Sweeney, Thomas Bryant and Elise Bargman work together during a meeting Nov. 3.

Will Huyck

November 8, 2015

According to Gender Sexuality Alliance president junior Elise Bargman, the club's leadership talked with teachers about how to be more understanding of the issues transgender people face. “Claire O’Grady, the club’s vice president, and I mostly discussed the various LGBTQ identities, the importance...

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