Teacher finds new way to interact with students

Students given an opportunity to speak their minds


Nebyu Bekele

Sophomore Hassan Mohammed puts a question in the Question Parking Lot Oct. 22. Students can use the Question Parking Lot box in room A314.

Humna Belete

The question box outside of Ms. Sigel’s classroom is a new feature in the A3 science hallway. Biology Teacher Ms.Sigel put in a question box outside her door to answer students questions if she wasn’t in class that day or if she couldn’t get to them during class.

“Last year I was spread all over the building, so students (were) always looking for me. And (I thought), well, if you can’t find me I’ll have a question box,” Sigel said.

The board is a new feature in the A3 hallway and if students can’t find Ms.Sigel to ask her a question they leave it in the question parking lot.

 “If they can’t find me, if I’m not my room, they can leave me a note,”Sigel said. They can tell me the class period, whatever it is, and then I’ll answer the question if it’s whether it’s like a class period or individually.”

Some students are not that aware of the question box and have not used it. Junior Emma Brown said

“I haven’t seen really anyone using it. And I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it,”

The question box can be very useful for students if they can’t get to their teacher during class.

“They have like a personal question that they’re too afraid to ask in person they could use it. Or for a question in class,” Brown added.

If students end using this resource it could be a really big help for them.

“I’m not sure how much it’ll actually affect the students, but I feel like if it ends up being used well, then it would be a really good thing for students and for teachers,”  Lee said.

Overall the new question box in the A3 hallway has a good reputation. Students are happy with this new change and want to see it implemented in more classrooms