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Math department celebrates Pi Day

March 22, 2020

This video was filmed before school cancellation March 17. The events from the video took place on the Pi Day celebration March 13.

Teacher finds new way to interact with students

Sophomore Hassan Mohammed puts a question in the Question Parking Lot Oct. 22. Students can use the Question Parking Lot box in room A314.

Humna Belete

December 13, 2019

The question box outside of Ms. Sigel's classroom is a new feature in the A3 science hallway. Biology Teacher Ms.Sigel put in a question box outside her door to answer students questions if she wasn’t in class that day or if she couldn’t get to them during class. “Last year I was spread all over the build...

Math department plans test prep

Junior Jamie Sorenson studies for the ACT during his study hall. All Park juniors can take the ACT at school Feb. 20.

Emma Leff

January 10, 2019

According to math teacher Amanda Forsberg, as the ACT date for all juniors at Park quickly approaches, the math department is working to prepare students for the high-stakes test. “The last couple years when we’ve hit second semester we have done an ACT prep class in our precalculus and advance...

Math teacher hopes to start yoga classes at high school

Bobby Otto helps sophomore Elliot Salmon with his math homework. According to Otto, he tries to incorporate the mindfulness aspect of yoga into the classroom because it benefits himself and his students.

Emma Leff and Anika Hanson

December 18, 2018

According to math teacher Bobby Otto, yoga offers many benefits that have helped him manage stress. Because he thinks it also can help students, he is planning to start teaching a morning yoga class this upcoming semester. “(Yoga) is just a relaxation time, where you can start feeling your body, feel...

Math teacher returns to full-time teaching

Keisha Piehl helps students in her Advanced Algebra AB class. Piehl tries to leave time at the end of each class for students to ask questions.

Emma Leff and Anika Hanson

October 30, 2018

After long-term subbing for math teacher Christina Begin last spring, Keisha Piehl said she decided to return to full-time teaching this year. According to Piehl, she is still adjusting to teaching full-time. “I am still working to find my groove on managing my time well,” Piehl said. “I really want to ge...

Math Team encourages new members to join

2017 Math Team captain Ryan Favour arranges lineup for upcoming meet. Math Team first meets 3:10 on Oct 1 in A202.

Emma Leff, Anika Hanson, and Rachel Salzer

October 1, 2018

Despite losing several key senior members, Math Team adviser Kristin Johnson is hopeful for this season. “We have some returning students that have a lot of potential, so I’m excited to see them grow and do better and possibly make State,” Johnson said. “I’m excited to expand the team and g...

Some math teachers stop unicycling

Math teacher Robert Otto is one of the five teachers still unicycling. Otto is able to make it from one end of the math hallway to the other, which was their original goal.

Jane Anderson and Alissa Meredith

March 3, 2017

According to math teacher Robert Otto, teachers previously committed to the unicycling initiative are slowly dropping out because of possible injuries and lack of commitment. Otto said once his fellow teachers saw him fall on the unicycle, they re-thought their actions in participating in the activit...

Unicycling intends to inspire, encounters ironic setback

Unicycling intends to inspire, encounters ironic setback

March 2, 2017

To demonstrate the importance of overcoming academic challenges, teachers in the math department started off the 2016-17 school year by attempting to learn how to ride the unicycle. As many teachers found riding the unicycle difficult, the goal of the activity was to show students that grasping a new co...

Math teachers continue unicycle training

Math teacher Meredith Webster's unicycle sits in her classroom Feb. 9. Webster is one a few teachers still learning to ride the unicycle.

Lukas Levin

February 9, 2017

As some math teachers progress learning to ride unicycles, sophomore Grace Farley said she is confused by the message. “I think it’s just kind of weird. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The whole point of it was to show that if you try something, then you’re going to get good at it,” Farley...

Unicycling brings motivation

Math teacher Anson Opara practices riding the unicycle before school Sept. 8. Teachers use the time before school or their open hours to improve.

Jane Anderson, Sam St. Claire, and Emma Dietz

September 8, 2016

New math teacher Robert Otto brought the idea of unicycling from Minneapolis Southwest to help motivate students to work harder in math. Each teacher is to learn how to ride a unicycle by the end of the school year. Otto said the purpose of unicycling is for students to be motivated to try new thing...

New math teacher strives to break boundaries

Mason Frank, the new math teacher, explains instructions for a new project to his advanced algebra class Nov. 9.

Elise Riley

November 9, 2015

Iowa native high school math teacher Mason Frank said he loves the idea of being part of a supportive community at Park. After graduating from a small-town high school near Des Moines, Iowa, Frank attended Iowa State University, where he said he found his calling with math. “Math has always co...

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