NTA changes mentality

Advisors and students come together in class


Neb Bekele

Senior Elliott Rickert works on an assignment in Non Traditional Academy (NTA). NTA takes place first through fourth period.

Tennam Gyaldatsang

According to Non-Traditional Academy advisor Joe Weber, NTA is designed to be a student-centered class.

“We go into things with great depth and we run with a very dialogic space. There’s not a lot of lecturing,” Weber said. “Students in NTA need to put in all the work and teachers don’t give them knowledge. They only giving ways to make knowledge.” 

Senior Elliott Rickert says NTA has changed his mindset in school.

“I think it made me more of a thinker first, rather than someone who just goes off of actions,” Rickert It’s definitely made me more of  like someone who cares more about school.”

Former leader of Non-Traditional Academy Chris Weaver said the way that NTA is set up is to give them a space to work.  

“They just need a different space, space where people are going to be acknowledging that and also trying to work through the things that are going on,” Weaver said. “There are a lot of kids that have gone through things and other people have given up on them and we didn’t and we got them through.”

Weber said NTA changes the mentality of students who are involved.

“I think NTA is very helpful for all students,” Weber said. “it’s not just the course work, it’s the mentality that we have in NTA that leads to success.”

Rickert said the way that teachers are able to keep classes on task is a great benefit. 

“Now that I am in NTA, it’s making me focus more and pay closer attention in class,” Rickert said. “Good mentorship from other teachers.”

Weaver said the best part of NTA is when former students come back to say hello.

“It feels good to see them through and have them not only go through and graduate but also come back and say thanks and appreciate it and that they wouldn’t have made it this far without you,” said Weaver.