Spanish club energized by new dances

Involvement from students leads to upbeat atmosphere


Jane Pupeza

Juniors Isaac Scott and Justin Colon dance together at the Spanish club Feb. 12th. The meeting was focused around different Latin American music and dancing.

Tobias Khabie

After an active Spanish club meeting where students learned traditional Spanish dances Feb. 12, junior Isaac Scott said the liveliness in the room was attributed to the people who were eager to be there.

“The people that are here are here because they want to be here,” Scott said. “This (club) is not something you have to take, so everyone that is here wants to be here. That’s why it’s so much more positive and happy. If you’re here, you want to be here and that’s why you’re enjoying it.”

According to Spanish teacher Hanna Anderson, the dances taught at the meeting consisted of Latin American traditional dances, some of which she learned growing up in Peru.

“Today the (goal) was to give the students a sample of Latin American music,” Anderson said. “We started with Merengue, continue with Salsa (two Latin American dance styles) and then some other modern pop and hip hop, some that I grew up dancing and some of I learned later in life.”

Junior Lauren Whiteman said she attended the meeting because she was intrigued by the dances of other cultures.

“I do dance, so I thought it would be fun to learn other cultures dances and I knew it was going to be a fun time with my friends,” Whiteman said.

According to Anderson, the dancing was accompanied by traditional Latin American food brought by Spanish teacher Valerie Weaver.

“Señorita Weaver was very kind to buy Argentinian empanadas,” Anderson said. “She wanted to share them with her students, but also with the Spanish club.”

Whiteman said she is not a skilled Spanish speaker, but that does not prevent her from enjoying herself at the meetings.

“It’s always fun and the teachers are never judgmental if you’re terrible at Spanish like me,” Whiteman said.

Anderson said each meeting consists of a different topic, all surrounding Latin American culture, and the next meeting will be a cooking related activity.

“Last (meeting) was New Year’s and Christmas traditions and the time before was the Dia De Los Muertos celebration,” Anderson said. “We are hoping to do something in March and to do something related to cooking.

For those interested in the Spanish club, talk to your Spanish teacher or any Spanish teacher located in the B2 hallway.