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Spanish club energized by new dances

Juniors Isaac Scott and Justin Colon dance together at the Spanish club Feb. 12th. The meeting was focused around different Latin American music and dancing.

Tobias Khabie

February 13, 2020

After an active Spanish club meeting where students learned traditional Spanish dances Feb. 12, junior Isaac Scott said the liveliness in the room was attributed to the people who were eager to be there. “The people that are here are here because they want to be here,” Scott said. “This (cl...

Spanish teacher inspired by youth to give back to community

Spanish teacher Nelly Korman assists freshman Solin Mendes-Duffy with an assignment Oct. 24. Korman is running for Bloomington school board for the 2019 election.

Lilly Strathman

October 29, 2019

When teaching one day, spanish teacher Nelly Korman had a revelation and realized she wanted to give back to students by running for Bloomington school board.  Sophomore Sophia Romero believes having diversity on the Bloomington school board will give more students an opportunity to be heard.  ...

Spanish field trip offers new perspectives

Sophomores Ella Miller and Amara Foner prepare to watch the Nachito Herrera: Afro-Latin Renaissance concert Nov. 30 at the Ordway. More than 100 Park students attended the event, as well as students from Park Spanish Immersion.

Dahlia Krebs

December 13, 2018

Junior Ava Tronson said the optional Spanish field trip to the Ordway for a concert by Cuban musician Nachito Herrera was special. “It was really different than any concert I’ve ever been to and I liked all the dancers that were there,” Tronson said. According to the trip coordinator, Spanish...

Spanish instructor returns after year away

Nelly Korman teaches her third hour, all sophomore, class on Oct. 12. The class is currently learning about education across the Latin American world.

Izzy Kanne

October 17, 2018

Returning to St. Louis Park High School after a year of teaching at Minnetonka High School, spanish teacher Nelly Korman said she didn’t want to leave, but felt it would be better for her career if she did. “I originally left because I was given a full-time position,” Korman said. “When I wa...

Class numbers push limits

IB Spanish teacher Jane Hudacek checks senior Casey Kreie's homework during her sixth hour class Sept. 26. During this period she teaches 41 students.

David Bryant

October 11, 2018

With the high demand to practice language in high school, senior and IB Spanish student David Gutierrez said he was surprised to see that on the first day of school not everyone in class had a desk. “On the first day I was definitely a little shocked when I saw how big the class was, and every student s...

Spanish club watches popular movie

Students attend Spanish Club March 6. Club adviser Kristen Christiansen played the movie

Marta Hill

March 8, 2018

According to Spanish club leader junior Katie Christiansen, people were attracted to the meeting March 7 to watch the movie “Coco”, and see its ties to Spanish culture. “‘Coco’ won a lot of awards, so it is obviously a well received movie but also really connected to the Spanish-speakin...

Spanish Club plans to incorporate Amity program

Profe Chistrainsen stands in front of her classroom addressing her students. Spanish Club meets once a month.

Lukas Levin

January 18, 2018

Sophomore Park Spanish Immersion graduate Izzy Kanne said she finds learning about cultures from foreign educators deeply gratifying and fascinating. “(I would want to) make food or (learn) dances from (the amities) native country, or maybe a craft that's common from Spain or Colombia. That would...

Spanish teacher feels excited to work with father

First-year Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker helps students complete their work on Nov 1. Lydia Brubaker is the daughter of social studies teacher Bradley Brubaker.

Makagbe Kuyateh

November 7, 2017

When Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker found out Park had an opening for a language teacher, she felt her dream was being fulfilled. “I always thought St. Louis Park would be the type of school I would want to teach at because when I was here I felt that I got a really good education,” Lydia Brubaker...

Spanish classes to see historic play

Caroline Ahlgrim, In-Depth Editor

March 12, 2013

Teachers hope experience provides awareness, provokes thought When senior Asa Indritz goes on the Spanish field trip on April 18, she said she hopes to get a better sense of Spanish culture and history. Many spanish classes are going to see the play “In the Time of the Butterflies” at the Mixe...

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