AP test and rest

Teachers and students plans after AP testing


Noah Leventhal

Freshman Ami Davis works on a project in AP Environmental Science May 18. Teachers continue to assign work after their class’s AP tests have taken place.

Leo Justesen

Now that Advanced Placement tests are just about over, several students have been asking: what comes next? 

Junior Patrick Meyer said he is excited for the school year to be over, but he is still focused on getting his grades in a good place to finish the year strong.

“I don’t have to worry about AP class as much, but we’re still doing some things to help improve our grade,” Meyer said. 

AP Statistics teacher Anson Opara said that although formal testing is done, class time is still not over.

“I still have a couple of things that they have to do,” Opara said. “They’re not super hard, but they are just there so they can help pad their grades and I can use some of that to help kids in the future.”

Junior Zach Nevinski said he is proud of the workload he handled and feels accomplished now that the hardest part is over.

“Now, there’s not as much work to do to get ready for the test,” Nevinski said. “It feels good to complete a class for the year.”

Meyer said he believes he did well on his AP test due to his teacher successfully preparing him in advance.

“I think I did all right on my AP test,” Meyer said. “The teacher did a good job preparing us for what was on the exam, and how to tackle certain questions and the format of writing essays.”

Opara said he recognizes that slacking off from students might come into play, but he is more than ready for it.

“I’m going to have to be like, ‘no, we got to do it,’” Opara said. “Sometimes it’s helpful to do that, but sometimes it’s going to push a little bit.”

Nevinski said he is ready to push through the rest of the school year and work at his full potential to solidify his grade.

“I just try to stay focused and keep going in a productive manner and make these last few weeks the best I can,” Nevinski said.