Teacher recognized for classroom technology


Hannah Hein, Design Editor

Esboldt awarded TIES exceptional teacher award

Spanish teacher Joy Esboldt was acknowledged for her work as she was presented with the Technology Information Educational Services (TIES) Exceptional Teacher award at the Dec. 10 school board meeting. The award is given to teachers who are active in using technology in the classroom and were nominated by their school district.

The award enabled Esboldt to attend the TIES conference Dec. 11 in downtown Minneapolis. At the conference, awarded teachers from across the state participated in workshops to further improve their use of technology. She will also be featured in the TIES Exceptional Teachers publication.

“I’m always looking to add new things,” Esboldt said. “At the breakout session at the conference the speaker talked about ways using iPads to evaluate student learning.”

One way Esboldt currently uses technology to connect with students and help with their learning is through her online calendar, which she updates daily.

“Students can see what they missed and get the homework so they are not behind,” Esboldt said. “They can also subscribe to text message updates.”

In her Spanish V class, Esboldt said she uses a hybrid model in which students do not come to class everyday. She posts assignments on Moodle on the days her students have an online work day.

Senior Erica Frey said the hybrid model of her Spanish V class offers her the independence and flexibility of a college class.

“It’s a really fresh way of learning and it’s nice to have something new,” she said. “I think it helps my learning because it makes me feel responsible and independent with my work.”

Esboldt’s students also use iPads. She said she values using technology as it is more efficient than traditional lesson plans.

“Using flashcards on the iPads saves work and paper,” she said. “We can get right to studying.”

Sophomore Becca Brubaker said she enjoys using the iPads for flashcards but also likes the applications that make other aspects of class easier.

“It is nice to be able to research stuff quickly in class when we need to so we don’t have to do it for homework,” she said. “Also, the iPads have video cameras so we were able to film a video during class time for a presentation.”

In addition to her use of the hybrid model class and the iPads for studying, Esboldt utilizes technology outside of the classroom.

“Sometimes we will have a flipped day where they watch a video at home and then we discuss it and answer questions the next day,” she said.

However, Esboldt said sometimes lessons involving technology don’t go according to plan.

“Using technology is taking a risk,” she said. “At the TIES conference we talked about how technology is a good way to be comfortable with that. But in my experiences, the greatest lessons have come from risks.”