Meyers reflects on year

Initiatives include community involvement, honors block changes

Izzy Leviton

Scott Meyers discusses his first year as principal. He shares some of his new goals for upcoming years as well as the goals he achieved this year.

Nicole Sanford
Scott Meyers discusses his first year as principal. He shares some of his new goals for upcoming years as well as the goals he achieved this year.

Superintendent Rob Metz said he admires Scott Meyers for his successes as Principal this past year and for leading Park in a positive direction.

“I think one of (Mr. Meyers’) bigger goals is just to build credibility with the students, the staff, the parents and the community, because the high school principal is a symbol in the entire community and I think he has done very well,” Metz said.

According to Meyers’ 90 day plan last May, one of his goals was to focus on creating more college and career readiness activities. The college and career fair has seen great progress, according to Meyers, and the advisory board continues to expand its networks to find more volunteers.

“Other (college and career readiness options) were the after school offerings, (such as) the FAFSA preparation nights, the ACT prep nights. Those have been going out on a more reglar basis in our 6425 newsletter,” Meyers said.

Junior Alissa Jones participates in these programs and said she believes Meyers has increased knowledge about college preparation courses.

“I am in College Possible and before (Mr. Meyers) was our pri
ncipal I didn’t even know that College Possible existed. (There have also been) a lot more FAFSA programs, and meetings,” Jones said.

Another of Meyers’ initiatives for the coming year is to revise the ninth grade honors block. Currently, freshman must decide whether they would like to take all three honors courses, or none at all. According to Meyers, Park’s ninth grade group has reconstructed the current system to enable incoming freshmen to enroll in one or two honors classes, without being required to take the block of three.Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.23.03 AM

According to Metz, the change in the ninth grade block will open up access to honors classes and incorporate more students in honors courses.

“It’s going to make the school better. It’s going to include more students, it’s going to include more families. I see (Mr. Meyers) acting in ways that is going to continue to involve more people,” said Metz.

With his first year as principal coming to a close, Meyers stresses the importance of using the Park community to help the high school advance.

“Keeping the positive motion for Saint Louis Park moving was always one objective for me,” Meyers said. “Also, tapping into the resourcefulness and the opportunities we have, listening to the teachers, listening to our families to try improve our high school.”


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