Drivers irritated by lack of space

Administration cracks down on parking fee dodgers


Photo Illustration by Brooklyn Donalson

Lukas Levin

As parking lot monitor Mary Quinn makes her rounds through the gravel-paved field of cars, she notices the inequalities many student drivers face when trying to park.

“If (students) pay for a permit and there are students who don’t have a permit taking up their spots, that’s an issue,” Quinn said.  “It’s not fair to the other students who have payed for a parking pass.”

Senior Annabelle Schutte said students who park without a pass don’t really affect her, but she does understand the irritation her fellow students might feel.

“I don’t really have a problem getting a spot. I always park at the end of the parking lot. I feel like people pay $50 which is a lot money. It’s not fair to the students who pay to be there.” Schutte said.

According to the secretary of the assistant principals Kiki Christensen, last year roughly five cars without a parking pass were towed from the student parking lot.

“(Passes are) sold twice a year for $50 a semester. We typically sell roughly 187 (parking permits) each semester.” Christensen said.

According to Quinn cars are usually checked in the mornings before lunch. However, having a parking permit can provide more benefits than a parking space. Quinn said she can track students who have their parking passes and let them know of any complications with their car.

“I try to look at the safety part of it too. Like if the drivers tires are flat, I’ll try to contact them. Or if they’ve left their lights on,” Quinn said. “If they have a permit I can use that number to contact students about any problems with their car.”

Senior Ben Romain said he has an open first hour and is exasperated whenever he comes to school and can’t get a parking spot.

“I don’t like it (when students park without a pass). Because I paid money for my parking pass and it’s not fair when other people come in and start parking and nothing happens to them,” Romain said. “They didn’t pay anything for that spot and I payed good money for mine.”