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Park issues parking pass refunds

Photo illustration by Emily Ziessman. Park students will receive a $25 refund for second semester parking passes, according to 6425 News May 15. Money will be returned via credit card or mail.

Marta Hill

May 18, 2020

According to 6425 News May 15, students who purchased a second semester parking pass will receive a $25 refund.  “If you purchased the permit online with a credit card, your refund has been returned to your credit card. If you purchased your parking permit with a check or cash, refunds from the d...

New online system implemented for purchasing parking passes

Office Assistant Jennifer Thomas works with senior Ellen Poulter to solve issues with getting a parking pass Jan. 27. Starting spring semester of 2020, parking passes are sold online only.

Sofie Geretz

January 31, 2020

Park has implemented a new system of purchasing parking passes for the spring semester, replacing in-person transactions to an online alternative. Although there were issues in the beginning, senior Maggie Klein said the office worked hard to help her get her parking pass. “Initially, I was h...

Parking passes for second semester move to online sales

Junior Rodo Abdullah looks at the parking pass guidelines online. This is the first semester Park has sold parking permits online.

Kate Schneider

January 10, 2020

When purchasing her parking permit this fall, junior Greta Kulevsky said she felt inconvenienced by the line. However, she looks forward to the possible benefits of online sales. “I had to get up really early just to wait in a long line. If you forget any of the stuff you need, you lose your spot,...

Parking passes continue to sell

A parking pass hangs from Park students car in the student lot. Students can buy their parking passes in the student office for $50.

Abby Intveld and Sofia Seewald

October 13, 2018

When senior Danny Hunegs received his license this past week, he was doubtful he’d acquire a pass. “Someone told me they were still selling the passes so I went in to just ask, I didn’t expect there would be any,” Hunegs said. “I went in and they did have them available which I was happy ...

Snow emergency leaves students struggling to get home

Saint Louis Park High School open on Jan. 23 after Minneapolis snow emergency.

Esther Gendler and Avia Kaner-Roth

January 24, 2018

With finals approaching, senior Skie Ashford said she was frustrated when the Jan. 22 snow quadrupled her commute home from school. “I missed work, and I have a lot of responsibility on my hands,” Ashford said. “It also took away time for me to be able to prepare myself for finals and other...

Drivers irritated by lack of space

Photo Illustration by Brooklyn Donalson

Lukas Levin

November 16, 2017

As parking lot monitor Mary Quinn makes her rounds through the gravel-paved field of cars, she notices the inequalities many student drivers face when trying to park. “If (students) pay for a permit and there are students who don’t have a permit taking up their spots, that’s an issue,” Qui...

Parking passes do not guarantee spot

Photo illustration by Hannah Leff.

November 3, 2017

Students who wish to park in the student lot must purchase a $50 parking pass at the beginning of each semester. Because students without passes park in the student lot, students who purchased a pass are still not guaranteed a spot in the lot. Even if they paid for a pass, students with morning open h...

Students react to lack of parking passes

A parking violation warning lies under a car's windshield wipers in the student parking lot.

Sophie Yarosh

February 1, 2017

Senior Sam Baer said she didn’t believe her friends that parking passes were sold out, so she was surprised when she walked into the Student Office and learned there weren’t any left. Baer said she was upset about not being able to purchase a parking pass, but said she understands she waited t...

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