SLP Nest to open its doors to community

New venture for students supported by donations

Dani Orloff and Maddie Schutte

After hearing about the stress high school students undergo, founder of the SLP Nest Julia Schmelzer said she felt she had to take action.

“There’s really no space for people to figure out who they are and decompress,” Schmelzer said. “I have close friends whose high school students have been suicidal, and have gotten into drugs and have been hospitalized for anxiety and depression, so it’s a personal concern of mine.”

According to Schmelzer, the Nest, which is opening Sept. 4, intends to create a safe environment where students can relax after school or work on assignments.

Senior Libby Ramsperger, a member of the Nest student board, said there are very few options for students who have transportation issues after school.

“The high school doesn’t allow students to stay after school and wait for their parents to pick them up,” Ramsperger said. “I like the idea of the Nest being there so students can be safe and have somewhere to be.”

According to Ramsperger, the goal for the Nest goes beyond creating a hangout space after the school day ends.

“I think having a place that can introduce you to more people and get you out of your shell can help with combatting mental illnesses,” Ramsperger said.

Schmelzer said the Next organizers had a vision for each room in the multipurpose space.

“There’s one room that’s more of a quieter room for studying and they decided to paint the room a calmer green color. Then there’s another room that will have food and beverages that will feel like a coffee shop,” Schmelzer said.

Freshman Andre Barajas said he looks forward to the social opportunities the Nest will generate throughout the school year.

“I guess some benefits are getting people to know each other and letting other high schoolers meet new people,” Barajas said.

Schmelzer said she believes the future of the Nest should continue to be molded by the students who will reap the benefits of the space.

“We have the big dream and the big vision that will evolve over time as you, the students, shape it,” Schmelzer said. “We’re trying to start realistically so we can be financially stable.”

The SLP Nest is planned to be open from 3-7 p.m. starting Sept. 4 on weekdays only, with the exception of special events.

The Nest can be found in ten minute walking distance from the high school at 3412 Library Lane.