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Nest holds bath bomb workshop

Brogan Berg, who makes environmentally-friendly bath products, assists junior Aaliyah Brown in making a bath bomb March 12. The Nest hosted an eco-friendly bath bomb making event as a part of a new series focusing on preserving the environment in the coming months.

Molly Schochet and Ruthie Posada

March 14, 2020

Bath bombs have the ability to relax and relieve stress, but they are also environmentally friendly, which is why the Nest held a bath bomb making event March 12 as a part of a series focused on preserving the environment, according to Nest program coordinator Symone Wilson.  “We have an eco-frie...

Successful year of progress for Nest

Junior Rachel Stein and Symone Wilson youth coordinator talk about scamming that can occur on a daily basis. The Aarp volunteer informs students about concerns you don't always learn in High School.

Henry Brettingen

October 23, 2019

As Chair of the Nest Julia Schmelzer reflected on the Nest’s progress this past year, she was optimistic the Nest would continue to succeed. “I would say it would definitely be considered a success, not a check the box we’re done, but we have something worth shaping more,” Schmelzer said. ...

Destress Club continues on

Seniors Bella Birkeland, Ayanna Nathan and Caroline Garland talk about destress through music. This was Destress Club's last meeting, and included a music therapist.

Lucy zumBrunnen

June 7, 2019

As school comes to an end, senior co-president Bella Birkeland reflects on Destress Club’s success this year. Although she had the best intentions, Birkeland said sometimes plans didn’t work out. “Something that (made) the club not work out is that since it’s far from the school and it real...

The Nest to host end of year party

Students hung posters to advertise the end of year party. According to senior Nietzsche Deuel, all materials will be provided for free, as well as pizza during the karaoke portion of the party.

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

June 5, 2019

Senior Nietzsche Deuel, who is an employee and board member of the Nest, said she began planning a party to celebrate the end of the academic year after it was given as a suggestion to improve the Nest’s advertising. “One of the ideas that came up was to do an end of the school year party, and ...

Tour of the Nest

According to the Nest youth coordinator Ellen Pajor, the coffee shop is an easy and accessible spot for students. “We are open after school and on weekends.  That’s why we’re open after school, just to be a space where students can come and that’s accessible and near the high school,

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

May 2, 2019

  The Nest is a coffee shop in St. Louis Park that was opened at the beginning of the school year. This infographic shows a deeper look into what the Nest’s goal is with the student body and the community as a whole.  

Community exhibition provokes awareness

Juniors Ava Tronson and Chloe Richardson perform an interpretive dance while seniors Samantha Schug, Maranda Hoogenraad and Estelle Tronson read a poem at the Nest's open mic night March 15. The climate justice art show, which will include an open mic portion, will take place from 6-9 p.m. April 27 at the Nest.

Jenna Cook and Amaia Barajas

April 26, 2019

Nest youth coordinator Ellen Pajor said she hopes the climate justice art show will help draw the attention to the difficult subject of the Earth’s wellbeing. “Normally it’s a lot of doom and gloom, facts and figures, which is appropriate, it’s pretty doomy and gloomy. But it’s just a diff...

The Nest displays amatuer art

Junior Lauren Schmelzer paints with watercolors in Martha Ortman's painting class March 8. On her own time, Schmelzer takes nature photography and sells her work at the Nest.

Ben Sanford

March 12, 2019

After hearing about a way to showcase her art at the Nest, junior Lauren Schmelzer jumped at the opportunity. In previous years, Schmelzer has had to sell her own art in person. “(My mom) told me I could have my art sitting (at the Nest), because I don’t really like to be sitting at a booth for ...

Nest concert sparks interest

Park graduate, Lukas Levin performs with his band Dopamine at SLP Nest street party Aug. 15. The SLP Nest is having a concert at 7 p.m. Oct. 6 and will cost $5 for students.

Dahlia Krebs

October 5, 2018

According to SLP Nest student board member and senior Estelle Tronson, the upcoming Nest concert is a fun way to have students get to know the new coffee shop. “(The concert) is to get people familiar with the Nest, since I know a lot of people don’t really know much about it,” Tronson said. ...

SLP Nest to open its doors to community

Senior Cecilia Brown sings at the Nest street party Aug. 15. There were also performances by Dan Israel, Neb Bekele and Dopeamine.

Dani Orloff and Maddie Schutte

September 4, 2018

After hearing about the stress high school students undergo, founder of the SLP Nest Julia Schmelzer said she felt she had to take action. “There’s really no space for people to figure out who they are and decompress,” Schmelzer said. “I have close friends whose high school students have been sui...

Community hosts poetry slam at Yum!

Junior Lexi Lee performs at the Nest sponsored event, April 18. Lee's poem was about the mental illness of perfectionism.

Tjessa Arradondo

May 4, 2018

According to Susan Budig, co-host of the Nest Yum! Poetry slam session, the night of Wednesday April 18th held an inspiring collective of generations coming together to share their personal stories on mental health. “At first I wasn’t sure about the theme which was mental health, but it was fa...

Nest Board searching for location, suitable building

Junior Jaivannah Harseen specks to nest board members March 20.

Ndunzi Kunsunga

April 26, 2018

According to Nest board member sophomore Joey Miller, the Nest board is currently looking for a location. “We're looking at a lot more buildings right now for making the space usable for coffee and whatever we want to use it for,” Miller said. Chair of the St. Louis Park Nest board Julia Schmelzer...

Parkway Pizza hosts fundraiser for the Nest

Parkway Pizza hosts trivia April 6 in part-
nership with the SLP Nest. The SLP Nest is also sponsor-
ing the poetry jam April 18.

Tjessa Arradondo and Ndunzi Kunsunga

April 17, 2018

Whether it was a sit-in or takeout, according to the St. Louis Park Nest chair Julie Schmelzer, last Thursday night Parkway Pizza took ten percent out of their sales and donated to the Nest. “We're hoping the money will help towards several things, such as remodeling we may need to do, or to st...

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