Construction continues

Locker rooms open, construction to continue on athletic additions


Carissa Prestholdt

Construction workers finish putting in a wall at the north entrance Aug. 26. According to Thomas Bravo, construction has progressed through the summer and will continue on the fitness center throughout the school year.

Maggie Klaers

According to school district facility manager Thomas Bravo, most construction projects happening in the school during the summer were related to athletics.

“We have gutted out all of the locker rooms and made brand new boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, and the athletic locker rooms for people who play (sports) like volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and things like that,” Bravo said. “We’ve also started the construction of the new fitness center next to the activity building.”

Bravo said attention went into improving the quality and security of the locker rooms.

“There’s going to be individual shower stalls, better lighting, nicer lockers and more individualized areas for sports activities,” Bravo said. “It will be highly secure, so that we don’t have people coming in and out of those spaces.”

Athletic director Andrew Ewald said although there is still some work to be done in the athletic locker rooms, they are ready for use.

“We’re using the locker rooms, even though there’s baseboard trims that need to be done and our wall graphics aren’t up yet,” Ewald said. “It’s a functional locker room right now.”

According to Bravo, construction on the new fitness center will continue into the school year, but will not disturb any students.

“The fitness center won’t be done until January, but it won’t impact the school’s start date. Construction will be going on, but it won’t impact anything in the schools,” Bravo said.

Ewald said he wants students to be proud of the new additions to the athletic department.

“(The renovations are) something (students) can take pride in and take ownership of. The fact that the community put money into these facilities I hope will make them feel a sense of pride in the programs they’re part of,” Ewald said.