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ACE prepares for competition

Freshmen Ryan Dusaire and Henry Bendickson work on their design for a gastronomic center at the ACE meeting Feb. 13. Students worked with mentors in the construction industry to plan and execute a design and schedule for the building of a gastronomic center.

Ruthie Posada and Molly Schochet

February 17, 2020

Since the start of the school year, Architecture Construction and Engineering students have been designing a gastronomic center, according to adviser Al Wachutka.  “It’s called a gastronomic center, which by definition is a place for a blending of culture and foods. The idea that the students c...

ACE prepares for March presentation

Freshman Isaac Cantor speaks with senior Ethan Meisler during the ACE meeting Jan. 30. ACE will present at the University of Minnesota March 5.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

February 3, 2020

After only a few months in Architecture Construction and Engineering, freshman Isaac Cantor said the club allows him to feel as if he is a part of the group because they allocate parts of their work to small groups.  “It’s a team process,” Cantor said. “We go in little groups of two and t...

Changes to allow for construction of new classrooms

A visitor stops at the student office in the main entrance of the high school Nov. 13. This new office is located by the circle hallway at the end of the lunchroom in the high school.

Maria Perez Barriga

November 16, 2019

The former student offices are now being used as a space for the Special Education Department and Grade Level Coordinators, according to assistant Principal Jessica Busse. “The old student office has actually become our Special Education office and the front half is the Grade Level Coordinator (GL...

Tennis courts renovated, remodeled

Sophomore Ava Jacobson prepares to serve the ball at her match against Holy Angels Sept. 23. Park's tennis courts were renovated over the summer of 2019.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

October 11, 2019

After playing on the new tennis courts, senior captain Racquel Fhima said she has had a better playing experience.  “(The new courts are) really nice to play on (and) are so much better than the courts we have (used) in the past. They're easier to look at, and bees don't get attracted to them,...

Construction continues

Construction workers finish putting in a wall at the north entrance Aug. 26. According to Thomas Bravo, construction has progressed through the summer and will continue on the fitness center throughout the school year.

Maggie Klaers

September 6, 2019

According to school district facility manager Thomas Bravo, most construction projects happening in the school during the summer were related to athletics. “We have gutted out all of the locker rooms and made brand new boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, and the athletic locker rooms for people who...

Wooddale bridge construction to be completed

The construction on Wooddale Ave S has been completed after improvements to the bridge. According to senior engineering project manager Jack Sullivan, in the next couple of years they plan to add traffic lights.

Sophie Olmen

June 6, 2019

According to senior Amber Tran, the Wooddale bridge improvements help traffic flow better than before. “It looks really nice and will make things go along smoother, but the stop signs are kind of annoying. I like that there are more lanes so things go by quicker,” Tran said. Senior engineerin...

Fence installed in Park field May 16

Construction workers install a pole that will be part of the fence surrounding the construction of the new fitness center. According to facilities manager Tom Bravo, the center should be completed by January 2020. Other renovations on the school will begin in fall 2019.

Marta Hill

May 17, 2019

On Fridays, both girls’ and boys’ Ultimate Frisbee have captains practice on the high school field and will now have to share the smaller space, according to senior Daniel Hunegs. “(The boys’ and girls’ teams) usually split the space and I think both teams get the amount of space they wa...

Tree removal necessary for tennis renovations

Trees by the parking lot were cut down to renovate the tennis courts. Construction started May 4 to rip out the existing courts and put down new soil. Activities director Andy Ewald said the deadline for the construction is Aug. 5.

Claire Bargman

May 13, 2019

Trees were cut down by the high school tennis courts May 4. After this, Kraus Anderson Construction Company will tear out the old courts, change the soil and add brand new courts. The old trees are being used for mulch and the school plans to plant new trees after the courts are completed by August 5 2019...

Light rail construction temporarily closes bike paths

On a roll: Sophomore Ben Cantor unlocks his bike after school May 6. Many students ride their bikes to school and their routes will potentially be impacted by the light rail construction which is closing the bike paths near Park.

David Bryant

May 7, 2019

As construction begins for the Southwest Light Rail, St. Louis Park Council member Margaret Rog said she realizes the negative effects of the Cedar Lake Avenue and Kenilworth trails being closed. “I do recognize the irony in simultaneously promoting alternate forms of transportation, particularly...

Building a legacy: nature center groundbreaking

St. Louis Park Recreation superintendent Jason West points out features of the future interpretive center to community members at the groundbreaking ceremony April 22. Construction will begin in May 2019.

Yonah Davis

April 23, 2019

As the rain ceased, community members celebrated the groundbreaking for the new Westwood Hills Interpretive Center. On Monday, April 22, St. Louis Park broke ground on $12 million building of the new interpretive center which the city council voted to approve on May 21, 2018. Jason West, the St....

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