Tennis courts renovated, remodeled

Positive reactions from community


Ryan Barnett

Sophomore Ava Jacobson prepares to serve the ball at her match against Holy Angels Sept. 23. Park's tennis courts were renovated over the summer of 2019.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

After playing on the new tennis courts, senior captain Racquel Fhima said she has had a better playing experience. 

“(The new courts are) really nice to play on (and) are so much better than the courts we have (used) in the past. They’re easier to look at, and bees don’t get attracted to them,” Fhima said. 

Fhima said the old courts caused multiple issues, making it difficult to focus on playing. Many parts of the courts were renovated.

“At the beginning of the season, they were black and white because they weren’t resurfaced yet, so that was tough,” Fhima said. “(The courts) got resurfaced and new windscreens were put up, we got new nets and posts, we got new scorecards, a new ball machine and the fence was repaired.”

Ewald said many renovations done to the courts were vital, as the courts were degrading quickly. 

“Everything needed to be updated, the fencing needed to be redone and the tennis net poles needed to be updated. It just needed a total overhaul,” Ewald said. “They were cracking and faulting, there were faults that went up and down and there were wide cracks.”

Sophomore Liam Rapp said he is enthusiastic about the new renovations.

“I’m really excited to play on (the new courts) them. There are definitely improvements. I think the colors are good,” Rapp said. “I guess that they’re just new and easier to play on.”

According to Rapp, the renovations were beneficial and essential. 

“The courts were really cracked, and the nets were broken, and they didn’t have any scorecards. Overall, it was just a much needed thing,” Rapp said.

According to Ewald, there is a slight incline on the courts, which might affect playing performance.

“There’s a visible slope to court one,” Ewald said. “They were cracking and faulting, there were faults that went up and down and there were wide cracks.”

Sophomore Ava Jacobson said the slight incline has caused confusion to opponents during matches.

“One of the other teams we were playing pointed it out,” Jacobson said,” You can’t see the courts because of the slight incline.”

Jacobson said that she personally hasn’t been affected by the incline.

“When I played on the court, I haven’t had much of a different experience from the other courts,” Jacobson said. 

Athletic director Andy Ewald said he is content with the new courts, and is looking forward to overall improved playing experience. 

“I’m very happy and pleased with (the new courts),” Ewald said. “We have a new space for our community and our school to use, whether it’s for physical education, athletics, kids or community members going out there playing a lifelong sport. It’s just an upgrade for everybody.”