Distance learning shifts amid schools closing

Park changes learning style to complete work at home

Grace Schultz


As schools close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way students learn has shifted to online. According to junior Anna Bauer, online school prompted students to overcome new challenges with distance learning.  

One challenge Bauer said she had to overcome is making sure she is managing her time well.

“I’ve had to learn to manage my time and to hold myself accountable,” Bauer said. “It has been hard to adapt but I’m glad I have the resources to do so.”

Finding motivation to do school work is another challenge faced while learning at home. To combat this, junior Macy Martinson said she has made sure her days are structured. 

“I have had to change the way I motivate myself to do work, there are no longer activities that fill up my schedule,” Martinson said. 

Bauer said she had to try out different places to be productive in order to find what works best for her. 

“I do school in my room on my desk,” Bauer said. “When school wasn’t suspended I did my homework in my bed but I’ve found that it’s harder to stay motivated when I do that for distance learning.” 

Bauer said she had a positive experience with Zoom classes, and was able to communicate with her peers.

“Zoom has been a good platform to connect with teachers and students if you have any questions about anything,” Bauer said. “It’s surprisingly easy to set up an account and I’m glad It’s free and available to everyone.”

According to Martinson, staying active and taking breaks is helpful for her to stay focused.

“I do most of my school work at my desk in my room, but I get restless a lot,” Martinson said. “I usually end up moving around a lot during the day.”

 Martinson said maintaining a routine to which you can be successful is very important for staying productive during quarantine.

“I plan to stay productive by making a schedule, setting alarms/reminders, and using my planner,” Martinson said.