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Seniors harbor mixed feelings over distance learning extension

Seniors gather for the senior sunrise Sept. 11. Park returned to full distance learning Nov. 16.
Missing out on activities creates disappointment
November 23, 2020

The school board has extended distance learning for the time being and will reevaluate on Jan. 11, 2021. For seniors, this last year of high school has turned out to be anything but ideal.  According...

Oriole Study Nest opens

Junior Tommy Hiemenz studies in the Orioles Nest Nov. 20. The Orioles Nest is open all day during school hours and provides a space for students to work productively away from their homes.
Resource provides learning opportunities
November 22, 2020

As an additional resource during distance learning, Park has opened the Oriole Study Nest as a place where students can participate in school in-person Monday-Friday. Assistant principal Jessica Busse...

Staff Editorial: Move to distance learning justified

Students leave school after their final day of hybrid learning. The School Board voted for Park to transition back to distance learning starting Nov. 16.
More support needed for students to succeed
November 16, 2020

Although originally planning to increase to 50% capacity Nov. 16, the School Board unanimously voted for Park to return to distance learning starting Nov. 16, in a Nov. 9 meeting.  Park will be going...

Closing the chapter too soon

Closing the chapter too soon
Distance learning leaves limited time for seniors to say goodbye
November 15, 2020

I woke up before my alarm on Nov. 13 — an unusual occurrence for me on a school morning — knowing I had the opportunity to attend school for just one day this semester. The day was filled with long-awaited...

Distance learning to return Nov. 16

Students walk to lunch during the first day of hybrid learning Oct. 26. Park will restart distance learning Nov. 16.
COVID-19 cases rise across Minnesota
November 10, 2020

Although he did not make the recommendation to switch to full distance learning lightly, superintendent Astein Osei said the switch was necessary for the safety of students and staff because COVID-19 cases...

Hybrid entails a balancing act

Hybrid entails a balancing act
Teachers tasked with simultaneously teaching distance and in-person cohorts
November 1, 2020

As Park starts to return to in-person learning, teachers have been faced with an unprecedented situation in which they have to teach students online and in person at the same time. According to history...

Art teacher adjusts to distance pottery classes

Isabel Nathan
Angela Jacobs navigates new learning models
November 1, 2020

Art teacher Angela Jacobs said she faced a difficult challenge as the 2020-2021 school year began when she had to figure out how to teach pottery, one of the most hands-on classes, in a distance learning...

Staff Editorial: First week of hybrid proves safe

Interim Principal Wendy Loberg talks to a student during lunch Oct. 26. Park began a hybrid model at 25% capacity Oct. 26.
Park ensures guidelines are followed
October 31, 2020

Students with the last name A-E were welcomed back for the first day of 25% hybrid learning Oct. 26. All students were divided into five cohorts, four in-person cohorts and one fully distance learning....

Point-counter-point: Hybrid learning

Point-counter-point: Hybrid learning
Park returned to 25 percent capacity hybrid learning Oct. 26 and will transition to 50 percent in the coming weeks. This development marks the first time students will learn in the building since the pandemic began.
October 30, 2020

Hybrid 25% is flawed

Hybrid 25% is flawed
Potential threat to people’s health
October 29, 2020

As Park’s plan to do full-time distance learning comes to an end, the hybrid model at 25% is beginning. This means that students whose first initial of their last name falls between a certain range will...

Awkward Zoom call goodbyes highlight distance learning difficulties

Awkward Zoom call goodbyes highlight distance learning difficulties
Class endings create new personal connections
October 28, 2020

Having almost done a full semester of online learning, the question of how doing school solely online affects personal connections between teachers and students arose.  I am grateful for all the hard...

Precautionary measures in place for Hybrid learning

Photo illustration by Talia Lissauer.
25% hybrid model to begin Oct. 26
October 20, 2020

After completing the first seven weeks of the 2020-2021 school year in distance learning, Park will transition into a 25% hybrid model beginning the week of Oct. 26. According to assistant principal Jessica...

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