School walkouts prove effective

Brings people together, raises awareness


William Givens

Park held a school walkout April 19, and it had many students questioning its effectiveness. School walkouts are very good and they allow for a teen in high school to express how they feel about any issues or situations going on. 

Even when a lot has been happening, a walkout still affects others in ways that people don’t know about, like anger, sadness and grief. But that doesn’t mean it’s being ignored, I think in some cases when students come together for something that could change the world is really powerful. 

It stands alone as a signal of hope for the future, and change for our generation. Schools have a chance to show their support for Important topics, all the time and it’s good to see that there are young and old people, supporting inside, and out of school. 

I see this as the beginning for new and better things to come, it makes me happy to see that everyone is coming together in order to support the cause. 

I’m glad that social media has impacted as well to help spread awareness about things like this, to let people know that there are others who are working together to make a change happen in our world. 

And the best way to have people come together is a peaceful rally where people speak about the situation going on, and express how they feel or think. I felt that there was a lot of tension that needed to be released, and when they spoke it was powerful to hear. 

I believe school walkouts are effective, and they should be done more often if there’s ever a time when teens have a lot on their minds, and it can help express how young people feel. It could be an eye-opener for people in power to understand and be able to take action. 

More things need to be changed and maybe it’s time for a change in schools and how they operate. I feel like a change to let schools have walkouts more, could be good, and make people in higher power realize something needs to be done. They are the future outlets for students to express and voice their opinions and injustices they see in the world.