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Staff Editorial: Local Trump rally sparks division

Staff Editorial: Local Trump rally sparks division

October 17, 2019

The night of the Trump rally Oct. 10, gloomy skies and flurries of rain complemented the unfolding chaos below as the president spewed hate before a large audience of his supporters inside the Target Center, sheltered from thousands more protesting outside. Although Trump stuck to the basics for much of the rally — focusing on the booming economy, corrupt media and the ongoing impeach...

Tragedy brings solidarity to Jewish community

Tragedy brings solidarity  to Jewish community

Talia Lissauer

October 31, 2018

I never realized the extent of anti-semitism until I saw the news report of a shooting at a synagogue. At Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, a Jewish congregation was practicing their religion when a gunman opened fire while yelling anti-Semitic slurs using an AR-15 killed 11 innocent people and w...

Boys’ lacrosse loses to Benilde

Boys’ lacrosse loses to Benilde

Isabel Kjaer and Sofia Seewald

April 21, 2018

According to senior William Lott, the 2-15 loss to long-time adversary Benilde St. Margaret’s failed to meet the team’s standards and goals. “I mean, with the cross-town rival, we really wanted to come out with the win, but we just came out flat and we never really picked it up,” Lott s...

Sports dress codes create sense of unity

Alec Pittman

December 27, 2016

With an average of a game per week, the winter athletic teams commonly have dress codes for their day of competition, according to junior boys' swimmer Adam Recknagel. Recknagel said the dress codes he and the swim team take part in create a stronger team atmosphere while also showing an event takes...

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