Extra assignments during Park Connections overwhelming, unnecessary

Nafisa Kahin

Park Connections is a class similar to homeroom, like other schools may have, but instead students are required to do extra assignments to earn a pass. During Park Connections we get assignments, but I believe that these assignments are just useless since we have other assignments for different classes. Students already have seven other classes with grades in each Adding another course is just stressful. 

We should just do discussions in classes and get a point for that instead of getting written assignments. Writing assignments aren’t that bad, but it’s just too much time for students so early in the morning. Having seven other classes is already stressful enough for the average high school student. 

Some teachers won’t understand where most students are coming from and I don’t blame them whatsoever. A lot of students use their park connections period to do missing work or finish up work from other classes, but if they have assignments in park connections then they can’t keep up in other classes. If park connections don’t give us assignments, it’ll take off weight from students shoulders, since it’s less of a class they need to worry about.

Park Connections is a class similar to homeroom, like other schools may have, but instead students need a grade to pass. Homework is already too hard to keep up with from seven different classes. Can you imagine how hard it is to keep up with one additional class? It is even harder for students who participate in extracurriculars. Students like to think of park connections as a study hall or as a time to catch up with friends, since in their regular classes they have to pay attention instead of socializing. There are also kids who spend their time in park connections studying for something in their next class, or they spend their time trying to finish classwork.

Some assignments in park connections are understandable because we’re getting prepped for college and the world outside of high school. It’d be easier if those assignments were not graded. Students have D’s and F’s because some of their teachers never talked about these assignments in connection class, 

In conclusion, assignments for connections should be exempted, or students can participate in the assignments for extra credit. I feel like students will feel relieved to have a break in at least one class of the day, and since connections are once a week it’ll be great for others to catch up on assignments.