Park Connections beneficial for students

Rachel Arkis

Each Wednesday, classes are shortened to take time for Park Connections, a 45 minute long class in which short lessons are planned by the administration and students are given time to finish individual work. However, there has been a debate amongst staff and students about whether or not Park Connections is a good use of time. After having had Connections as a class for almost three years, it’s clear that the opportunity to take 45 minutes of time each week for Park Connections is a positive thing. It caters to the needs of each individual student and gives them a chance to take time for themselves in a class setting. 

In my experience, Connections mainly allows for students to catch up on work and get help in classes they might be struggling in. Giving students this chance is important and ensures that they will not fall behind and if they do, then Park Connections is the perfect time to meet with a teacher and figure out the best way to get back on track. There have been countless times that I’ve found myself studying for an upcoming test or finishing work for a different class in Connections and it can be really valuable to have that designated time to avoid getting overwhelmed when work inevitably piles up.

Connections is also designed to be a time to start planning for college. Through the use of Naviance, students are able to learn more about the things they’re interested in and set up a path for the future. As a junior, starting to think about what colleges I want to apply to and what subjects I want to major in can be overwhelming on my own. Having a designated class to work on all of this makes the future less daunting.

Additionally, important announcements regarding school events, clubs, scholarships and job opportunities are all made during Park Connections. Without designated class time to talk about information like this, students probably wouldn’t know about it and could miss out on opportunities they might not get again.

Having Park Connections as a class not only helps students get work done, but it can also be a time to rest and get a break from work. For a school whose administrators claim to advocate for taking care of mental health, having Connections is a time for students to do so. Taking breaks can be just as important as getting work done and with Park Connections, it gives us a chance to check in and take a break if needed.