Parking passes do not guarantee spot


Photo illustration by Hannah Leff.

Students who wish to park in the student lot must purchase a $50 parking pass at the beginning of each semester.

Because students without passes park in the student lot, students who purchased a pass are still not guaranteed a spot in the lot. Even if they paid for a pass, students with morning open hours who arrive at school after first and second hour are not necessarily guaranteed a parking space.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in the student parking lot, the editorial board urges students who intend on using the student lot to buy a parking pass as early as possible. Students who do not purchase a pass should be mindful of those who paid and not park in spots they did not pay for.

If the administration is going to charge students $50 per semester to purchase a parking pass, it is their responsibility to guarantee those students a spot in the lot each day.

The editorial board appreciates the administration’s initial policy to place warning slips on cars parked in the student lot without a pass, but feels they should enforce the policy more heavily.

If following through with the current policy isn’t efficient for the administration, the editorial board suggests the administration charge a fee to students who use the lot without a pass. Students must pay those parking violation fees in order to graduate, similar to other fees such as unreturned textbook and library books.