Nest student worker adjusts to Nest closure

Nest to close up shop soon


Bahaja Alisahal

In an article posted by the SLP Nest, the Nest closed its doors Aug. 31. Senior Rachel Stein says the nest has had a large impact on her.

Elena Ortiz-Fishman

In an article posted on the SLP Nest website, the store announced they will be permanently closing Aug. 31. According to senior Rachel Stein, the open and friendly environment the Nest created had a large impact on her, which continues to motivate her even after its closing. 

“Working at the Nest has definitely strengthened my sense of community within SLP, and I’ve gotten to know so many new types of people,” Stein said. “I got to break out of my bubble and meet the diverse individuals that visited the Nest.”

The coffee shop also impacted students and clubs at Park including Audrey Long, a senior and member of the Roots ‘N Shoots environmental club.

“After school about once a week, Roots ‘N Shoots met at the Nest,” Long said. “It was really nice to have a laid-back, chill place to connect with club members. Obviously, things are going to be different now.”

According to Stein, the job has taught her so much, from improved organizational skills, to life lessons on finding jobs for the future.

“When I went from the Nest to my new job at Old Navy, it really showed me the importance of finding a job I enjoy and am connected to. In the future, I want to think of my happiness when going into a job. I’ve learned what makes me happy and how to achieve that. The Nest made me really happy,” Stein said.

According to Long, small things like a round dinosaur toy dubbed the “pea pod boy” and inventive workshops kept the atmosphere at the Nest light and enjoyable. 

“It was really easy to gather with friends, it was also close to school. I made so many good memories there with others,” Long said. “I’m going to miss it so much.”

Last September, Stein helped organize an event to create park pride tie blankets. Stein said the memories she made are what she takes most out of her experience working at the Nest, by doing simple things she hopes to keep impacting her community.

 “It was fun seeing the kids make tie blankets and getting people to attend,” Stein said. ”To see I had impacted people, it was a really meaningful moment. I know other organizations will help build our community, and I’m excited for them. I’m happy with what I achieved and with the good memories I created.