Junior organizes voting outreach for students

Semona Robel creates change in society


Used with permission from Semona Robel. Junior Semona Robel organizes voting outreach for Park Students.

Aisha Hersi

Along with others, junior Semona Robel participates in organizing individual voter outreach to ensure Park seniors are voting this year. According to Robel, taking part in voter registration outreach is very essential to her because it is the young generation that will be most affected in the upcoming election. 

“Even if the underclassmen aren’t of age yet to vote, it (is) still important to encourage them into registering and reminding their own loved ones to vote,” Robel said. 

Robel says solely telling them to vote is not the only thing she does, she also establishes groundwork between the students so that they are fully aware of what they are doing.

Asking super general questions at first and then developing a relationship for the student to fully understand the significance of their vote is how it’s done

— Semona Robel

 “We direct message the students on Instagram with our personal accounts because that builds a better network,” Robel said. 

According to senior Tamar Gewirtz, who is working alongside Robel, her goal for this outreach was to help Park students make changes where they want to see it.  

“I want everyone to be able to use their voice through voting to be heard and to make sure they know the importance of their vote and their significance in today’s society,” Gewirtz said. “I wanted to get involved in the democratic process of the presidential election as much as I could.”

Junior Ella Roether is working on this outreach because she wants to also see an adjustment in our current political system.

“We want everyone that is old enough to vote. We want to see change,” Roether said.  

With Election Day just a few weeks away, Robel seeks to work even harder for the outreach. 

“Ultimately encouraging the student to take the current situation into account, is how we will reach our goal,” Robel said. “In today’s society it is us who will be affected the most and that’s why we need to work the hardest”  

They will keep this voting outreach going until Election Day and the voting deadline. In Minnesota, Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.