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Precinct Caucuses empowering

Gabe Kaplan

Gabriel Kaplan

March 10, 2020

Amid the buzz of the upcoming Super Tuesday and debates over Coronavirus and democratic socialism, I found refuge in my neighborhood’s Precinct Caucuses.  My neighbors and I gathered Feb. 25 at Minneapolis’s Anwatin Middle School and worked together to participate in the local political proce...

Synchro begins season by selecting captains

Junior Bella Steward practices the butterfly stroke March 12. This was the first sychro practice held since the new team captains had been announced March 11.

Talia Lissauer

March 9, 2020

Inspired by the relationships she had formed with previous captains, senior Mia Miller said she was overjoyed when she was chosen to be a synchro captain for the 2020 season. “I wanted to be captain because I love synchro. I love the people who were leaders before me, they really changed the wa...

ACT club hosts voter registration drive

Senior and ACT club leader Ruby Stillman talks about the voting drive to students at the senior meeting. The voting drive was held Feb. 20.

Isra Mohamed

March 4, 2020

According to junior Achieving Change Together club leader Gabriel Kaplan, the purpose of the club is get students involved in social activism. “The purpose of the club is to work on social activism. There is only so much we can do legally but we try to do the best that we could,” Kaplan said. ...

Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally on eve of Super Tuesday

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to the crowd at his rally March 2 at the St. Paul RiverCentre. Minnesota, along with 13 other states, will be voting on Super Tuesday March 3.

Talia Lissauer

March 3, 2020

Hours after Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the presidential race March 2, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally at St. Paul Rivercentre in St. Paul in hopes of winning Minnesota on Super Tuesday March 3.  “It looks like St. Paul is ready for a political revolution,” Sanders said...

New city program reaches out to students

Samantha Klepfer

January 28, 2020

As part of her role as Park elections specialist, Cara Luebke said she is running a new civic engagement program to get students more involved in politics. “Last year it was a program called student elections program,” Luebke said. “Now we’re kind of revamping it to be a little bit more focuse...

Voting sparks responsibility for change

Voting sparks responsibility for change

Izzy Kanne

November 15, 2019

Turning eighteen this year has opened up many new opportunities in life, possibly the most exciting being able to exercise my right to vote. At first I was hesitant to vote at all. The local election snuck up on me and I didn’t know much about the candidates. I felt that since it was a smaller sca...

2019 St. Louis Park city election results announced

St. Louis Park resident heads into the Fieldhouse in order to cast her vote in the election Nov. 6. Voting was held in the high school, as well as other locations around the city.

Emily Ziessman

November 10, 2019

Below are the results to the St. Louis Park 2019 mayor, City Council and School Board elections Nov. 5. Polls were open until 8 p.m. with results to follow the next morning Nov. 6. ...

City election provides opportunity

Senior Maddie Lind writes postcards to St. Louis Park residents informing them about the upcoming election. Lind is campaigning for Larry Kraft along with several other students.

Sofia Seewald

November 5, 2019

Seeing the upcoming election as an opportunity to advocate for social issues he is passionate about, junior Thor Anderson said he is helping Larry Kraft campaign for City Council At Large A Seat. “I first met (Kraft) working through Roots and Shoots. I got to know him more as I became more intereste...

League of Women Voters creates impact

Deb Brinkman responds to an audience provided question Oct. 17 at St. Louis Park City Hall Candidate Forum. Deb Brinkman is running for City Council at Large A.

Sofie Geretz

November 4, 2019

The candidates at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum exceeded expectations, according to St. Louis Park City Council candidate Nadia Mohamed’s campaign communications manager Carolyn Guddal. “Every candidate performed really well tonight. I think that each one had a unique perspective to...

Senior shares pride in voting

Senior Ava Tronson shares her perspective on voting and politics at a storytelling event Sept. 12 at the St. Louis Park Public Library. The theme of the storytelling event was voting.

Ruthie Posada

September 23, 2019

After sharing her knowledge of politics and elections at a voting-themed storytelling event Sept. 12, senior Ava Tronson said speaking your voice is of great importance. “It’s important to have your voice be heard and to have a stance on issues,” Tronson said. “If you’re not voting, you’...

Student Election Program to engage teens

Juniors Maggie Klein and Amelia Ryan attend the Student Election Program meeting Feb. 12 at St. Louis Park City Hall. According to election specialist Robert Stokka, the program will have several meetings to explore different civic engagement topics.

Talia Lissauer

February 20, 2019

As sophomore Dahlia Krebs looked for ways to make a difference in her community, she discovered a program designed to incorporate students in the election process. “The (Student Election Program) run by the city of St. Louis Park asking (high schoolers) to be a part of the election,” Krebs said....

Senator Klobuchar announces presidential bid

Senator Amy Klobuchar initiates presidential campaign at a rally Feb. 10. at Boom Island.

Dani Orloff and Noah Orloff

February 14, 2019

After Senator Amy Klobuchar proclaimed her campaign for the 2020 presidential election in the midst of a snow storm Feb. 10, sophomore Evelyn Gutzke said she is excited to see more diversity in the White House. “I think she will and she has a lot of people supporting her,” Gutzke said. “I...

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