Senior to begin final year of golf

Carly Livingston steps into role as captain


Caroline Green

Senior Carly Livingston hits the golf ball at a golf match at Theodore Worth Park. The 2018 season will begin at the end of March.

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While the game of golf is often relaxing, mental toughness abides as a crucial aspect to being a successful player, according to senior girls’ golf captain Carly Livingston.

“I like that it’s outdoors and that it’s kind of a relaxing game. It’s really all mental because if you get down on yourself it’s not relaxing, but you kind of control your own pace and I like that,” Livingston said.

Livingston said she began playing golf in eighth grade on her own, but joined Park’s Varsity team her freshman year of high school. Three years later, Livingston saidshe is interested in how the Varsity team dynamic will change this season.

“I’m a little nervous just because I think this year there’s going to be a lot of different people on the team than there was last year,” Livingston said. “So I’m just nervous to see what kind of talent there’s going to be this year, and hopefully we’ll have a full Varsity team.”

According to coach Zach Strouts, Livingston embodies strong leadership qualities and positively influences every player on the team.

“She is a good leader, she is a person you can always count on to go to to talk to and to ask for golf advice,” Strouts said. “She cares a lot about golf, and she’s somebody that the girls look up to, and she’s strong physically and mentally. She’s just a person that I would always tell a girl if they have questions, they go to Carly first because she can answer them as if she’s kind of one of us as a coach.”

In addition, Strouts said he believes this season will be Livingston’s best season yet.

“I think this is going to be her most successful season,” Strouts said. “She’s been around for awhile now, she’s in a leadership role, she knows what to expect, she knows that she’s going to be playing against other teams number ones and number twos and I think that she’s ready for it.”

According to Livingston, recovering after bad plays persists as her biggest area in need of improvement.

“For me, it’s (challenging) keeping my attitude positive when I haven’t had the best round,” Livingston said. “I tend to get down on myself if I hit a few bad shots, so this year I’m going to try to work on letting go of bad plays and just keep moving forward.”

Overall, Strouts said he looks forward to watching Livingston this season and predicts her strong leadership role will positively impact the rest of the team.

“I think that she’s prepared herself with some of her golf lessons she’s taken, some practice that she’s done in the off-season,” Strouts said. “I’m just most excited to see her succeed in this new role of being a leader for the group.”

According to Strouts, for more information on how to join girls’ golf, contact the athletic office in the B1 hallway.