Junior sells jewelry on Instagram

Anna Long makes homemade product


Kaia Myers

Junior Anna Long beads necklace for a customer in her jewelry room. Follow @acl.jewelry to see updates on the jewelry she makes.

Gabriel Kaplan

Junior Anna Long said she picked up jewelry crafting as a hobby after learning how to make it from her nanny.

“My nanny made (jewelry) and I thought it was really cool, so she lent me some of her stuff and I started making it and got really into it,” Long said. “I use beads and wire and I have been really into making necklaces, specifically chokers, right now.”

Junior Lily Rostal, one of Long’s customers, said she bought a nice necklace from Long.

“I bought a necklace from her about two weeks ago,” Rostal said. “It is a beaded choker (and) I talked to her about it in person (to buy it).”

According to Long, she sells most of the jewelry over social media for a small price, but she also sells some items in person, such as the necklace that Rostal purchased.

“(I sell) on Instagram. I just started, so it’s not huge right now,” Long said. “I do necklaces for $6 and bracelets and anklets for $3.”

Sophomore Marisol Ortiz said she supports the selling of items on Instagram as it provides an income as well as independence.

“I like how she is able to make a business out of her own skills. That’s going to be a lot more difficult in the upcoming years, so it’s nice that she is trying that now,” Ortiz said. “It’s nice having more options, so anyone who can figure it out, props to them.”

According to Long, the jewelry was first used for gifts and then she started to sell it for a profit.

“I started making it over the summer. I did it mostly as gifts for people and then a lot of people were like, if you sold it, I would buy it and I was like ‘OK,’ so I started selling it (a few months ago),” Long said.

Freshman Kevin Rosales said he supports Long and plans to start his own mini-business.

“I think (starting her own business is) a great idea. I’m actually going to do that myself with shoveling people’s houses and driveways,” Rosales said. “I plan to go around my neighborhood and hand out pamphlets and I am going to get what I need to shovel their houses for (profit). There are many ways to make money. It’s great to use creativity.”

According to Ortiz, high schoolers have an opportunity to experiment with their own talents and creativity.

“When you get older, you have to focus less and less on stuff like that because other things take priority. So right now it’s good that she is (doing this), because she might not be able to do it later, so she’ll at least have a chance to try it,” Ortiz said. Long’s jewelry is available for purchase on Instagram at acl.jewelry.