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Hockey player takes over Instagram account

Junior McCabe Dvorak skates toward the puck during the Eastview game Jan 2. Dvorak is currently running the Boys' Hockey team instagram which has recently gained popularity.

Anna Benishek

January 27, 2020

According to Junior McCabe Dvorak, he took over the boys’ hockey instagram account because he wanted to give followers an inside look of the Park hockey team.  “Before the season I asked if I could run it because I feel like I could put more on it and show more and behind the scenes stuff,” D...

Junior creates Instagram for business

Junior Evie Gutzke designs her own clothing and shoes to wear. She also sells her designs to people who are interested on her Instagram @sick_threadz.

Sofie Geretz

January 9, 2020

@sick_threadz sells clothing bought from thrift stores or take people’s clothing and adds detailing, according to Junior Evie Gutzke. “I take thrifted clothing and revamp it so it's more modern and I can resell it. I add my own detailing to it and make it my own,” Gutzke said. “You can als...

Likes on Instagram repress self-worth

Likes on Instagram repress self-worth

Ruthie Posada

December 3, 2019

The number of likes on Instagram has an incredible influence over teens and young adults today in a way that is not always positive. By taking away the number of likes, the mental health of social media users will significantly improve. The fact that Instagram has taken action to address one of the n...

Senior creates local pickup soccer league

Senior Mohamed Mohamed dribbles past seniors Sammy Ruff and Aaron Ellingson Oct. 24. For more information visit @slppickup on Instagram.

Adin Zweigbaum

November 5, 2019

Senior Nick Riley said he was upset after the end of his high school soccer career so, while sitting at home bored, Riley came up with the idea to create a freeplay soccer league, using Instagram. “I just made an Instagram account, because I had an idea and I got a few people to follow it,” Ril...

Math Instagram account engages students

Junior Megan Hoenie browses the new Park math Instagram account. The math department created their Instagram account to highlight events in the math community.

Isra Mohamed

November 5, 2019

Math teacher Keisha Piehl said she wanted to find a way to make her students more engaged in the math they were learning, so she looked toward clubs and activities for inspiration. “I noticed that a variety of clubs and athletics were starting up Instagram accounts and I thought it would be really f...

Park Tech begins new business venture

Senior Jackson Kubitza and Junior Jasper Hoff take a look at Park Tech's new Instagram. Senior Michel Ramirez is the official Instagram manager, while other members aid with suggestions.

Sofie Geretz

November 4, 2019

Social Media is significant in connecting to a base of people and gauging overall club interest, according to junior and Park Tech member James Peterson.  “An Instagram is important, because you can connect to your market through their phone, something they have on them at all times,” Peterson sai...

Students use Instagram to share fashion

SLP Streetwear Club meets in the morning to talk about fashion street wear May 3. SLP Streetwear Club has meetings every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Adin Zweigbaum

May 14, 2019

Sophomore Evan Koronaios said that “SLP Street Wear” is a great way for students to spread an assortment of ideas. “We all have different diversity and fashion, we all dress differently and want to show the world how we do,” said Koronaios. Senior Wyatt Gann said he created the Instagram as a way to rele...

Instagram account made for AP teacher

AP European History teacher Jeffery Cohen explains the details of the essay portion of the upcoming AP test to sophomore Hope Cassman. According to Cohen he entered a teachers-only contest to win a free Norwegian cruise.

Maria Perez-Barriga

April 12, 2019

As sophomore Luci Jensen was talking with friends in the hallway, history teacher Jeffrey Cohen approached them and asked one of them to nominate him for a free Norwegian cruise given to teachers. “Cohen showed (the post) to us. I was a little confused at first because I didn’t know what he was...

Junior sells jewelry on Instagram

Junior Anna Long beads necklace for a customer in her jewelry room. Follow to see updates on the jewelry she makes.

Gabriel Kaplan

January 3, 2019

Junior Anna Long said she picked up jewelry crafting as a hobby after learning how to make it from her nanny. “My nanny made (jewelry) and I thought it was really cool, so she lent me some of her stuff and I started making it and got really into it,” Long said. “I use beads and wire and I ha...

Students find financial success on Instagram

Photo Illustration by Grace Farley

Maddie Schutte

December 13, 2018

After seeing and purchasing secondhand clothes from another Park student’s Instagram, freshman Logan Epp said she decided to upcycle some of her own items after seeing the success of her peers. “I just saw it on other girls’ stories and I thought it would be a good idea to sell clothes,” Epp...

Junior expresses himself through poems

Junior Adam Kowski writes a poem during class on Monday, Nov. 6. He uploads his poems to his Instagram account dedicated to poetry. Follow him @poems_by_kowski on Instagram.

Abby Intveld

November 15, 2017

When did you start writing poetry? I started writing poetry when my grandpa died. His death was really big in my life because he’s the one that got me started with bowling, and we’d always hang out on the weekends over the summer. I hadn’t lost any family members before him, so when he died it hit...

Instagram account celebrates diversity

Seniors Malaika Bigirindavyi and Anna duSaire discuss future plans for their Instagram account, tagged @mixtaslp. Seniors Rosa Sigrúnardóttir and Olivia Massie, not pictured, also run this account.

Evelyn Nelson

November 10, 2017

Looking through her social media, senior Malaika Bigirindavyi felt inspired by accounts celebrating the expression of one’s identity. Bigirindavyi said she now is doing just that by creating a new outlet for mixed boys and girls. The instagram account, @mixstaslp, was founded this fall by seniors...

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