Intersectional Feminism Club presidents recognized for dedication

Juniors work to make club more active, welcoming


Carissa Prestholdt

Junior presidents Maddie Lind and Ally Feller organize a meeting Sept. 24. Lind and Feller will co-lead this year's chapter of Intersectional Feminism Club.

Sofia Seewald and Adin Zweigbaum

After getting involved in the Intersectional Feminism Club at the beginning of this school year, sophomore Elizabeth Orton said she was impressed by the comfortable atmosphere junior presidents Ally Feller and Maddie Lind were able to create.

“They’re welcoming,” Orton said. “They’re always super prepared when we come in on the days of meetings and they always have slideshows or videos ready, and they’re really into it, so that’s fun to see.”

According to junior and Intersectional Feminism Club co-president Ally Feller, the club strives to include all people and encourages club members to participate in provocative discussions.

“We try to have good discussions for most of our meetings. We’ve gotten involved with a couple organizations, and we’re working to get more people to join,” Feller said. “We’d like more people in different grades and different colors of skin and different genders to get more involved.”

Intersectional Feminism Club adviser Annamarie Wilfahrt said the two presidents have made the club more active and intriguing to club participants.

“I think Ally and Maddie are doing well making the club more engaging by presenting relevant topics for the club members to discuss, showing video clips that spark conversations, and brainstorming some volunteer opportunities,” Wilfahrt said.

Orton said Feller and Lind do an exceptional job at organizing and making sure club members are aware of events and meetings coming up.

“It’s a lot more organized than I expected it to be, so I (have been) impressed with that and they’ve gotten really good at communicating,” Orton said.

Due to limited groundwork, Lind said they are building Feminism Club with their own end goal in mind.

“We’ve been organized and we’re fairly prepared for all of the meetings,” Lind said. “We didn’t have much of a foundation to build things off of, since last year there wasn’t much going on with the club. So we’re figuring out what we want to try and do with the club for the rest of the year.”

According to Orton, the club has been focusing heavily on pertinent topics surrounding feminism that are very apparent in today’s society.

“We’ve talked about a lot of stuff like women in sports and they’ve been focusing a lot on intersectionality and including everybody, and not just one specific group,” Orton said. “That has been really cool to see.”

Lind said the club will take a stance on all types of issues in hope of defeating all forms of oppression.

“Most people think of feminism kind of as fighting for equal pay and stuff with women in the workplace, and those things are all very important. But all oppression is interlinked and so to stop one kind of oppression, you have to tackle all forms of oppression and equality,” Lind said.

According to Wilfahrt, Feller and Lind have contributed to Intersectional Feminism Club’s success by being inviting and doing their jobs.

“I think what has been going well are the interesting topics (they) bring, (their) effective use of time, and (they have created) a safe space for others to share,” Wilfahrt said.

Intersectional Feminism Club will be holding its next meeting focusing on women and Valentine’s Day at 8 a.m. Feb. 14 in B320.