Instagram account made for AP teacher

Sophomore raises awareness for free cruise


Emily Ziessman

AP European History teacher Jeffery Cohen explains the details of the essay portion of the upcoming AP test to sophomore Hope Cassman. According to Cohen he entered a teachers-only contest to win a free Norwegian cruise.

Maria Perez-Barriga

As sophomore Luci Jensen was talking with friends in the hallway, history teacher Jeffrey Cohen approached them and asked one of them to nominate him for a free Norwegian cruise given to teachers.

“Cohen showed (the post) to us. I was a little confused at first because I didn’t know what he was showing us but then afterward I was excited,” Jensen said. “I wanted to try to help him win a cruise and I nominated him on the website.”

Cohen said he wanted to apply for the cruise because the Norwegian Cruise Line is giving out 15 free cruises to the 15 teachers who get the most votes.

“Who wouldn’t want to have a free cruise? It sounded very nice,” Cohen said. “I think it’s great they are pushing something that I personally am very very much apart of which is encouraging travel.”

According to Jensen, she created an Instagram account to create more recognition for students to vote for Cohen.

“(I made the account) to raise awareness so more people could know what’s going on and vote for him,” Jensen said.

Sophomore Isabel Gredler said the free cruise would be great opportunity for Cohen to travel and relax.

“I think it’s really nice because (students) think he needs a vacation because he hasn’t really taken any vacation days,” Gredler said.

Cohen said he has no expectations of winning the free cruise because of other teachers who have more votes than him.

“I am not at all (expecting to win) because a lot of the teachers are making it a much much bigger deal than I am. They have thousands of votes, and here it was kind of a joke between a couple students. It would be nice, but I have no expectations,” Cohen said.

According to Jensen, she wanted to earn him more votes because she admires him as a teacher, and he puts an effort into teaching his students.

“He is a really great teacher, and he really cares about his students, and he really wants them to learn,” Jensen said.

Cohen said he appreciates the students who are helping him out with earning more votes.

“It’s great. It’s nice to know that there are three (students) out there that care,” Cohen said.

Voting ends April 12 and the 15 teachers who won will be announced at that time.