Mental health club begins new semester

Meeting prioritizes calming before school


Abigail Prestholdt

Junior Ella Atlas attends a SLP Mind club meeting Jan. 31. SLP Mind does calming activities such as coloring and listening to calm music.

Marta Hill

After attending the first SLP Mental health: Instigating Necessary Discussions meeting of the semester, senior Amelia Huebsch said the meeting was a nice break from the reality of school. 

“It is just a chance to sort of calm yourself and collect yourself before you go to school. I think it really helps to start your day with a little mindfulness or tranquility and peace so you can manage the hecticness of your day,” Huebsch said. 

According to club leader and junior Macy Martinson, the meeting Jan. 31 was meant to give people a space to destress. 

“Today’s meeting was all about giving people a chance to relax before their first hour,” Martinson said. “It’s a new semester and it’s kind of stressful. I know a lot of people are kind of hoping that they’ll do better this semester because last semester was kind of rough.”

Heubsch said the opportunity to color at the meeting was a good method of relaxation. 

“It was really fun. I enjoyed the coloring. I really really liked the oil diffuser, it was really nice and calming and it was really pretty to look at,” Huebsch said.

Martinson said because the original founder of SLP Mental health: Instigating Necessary Discussions (SLP Mind) is studying abroad this semester, the other leaders have had to step up. 

“We kind of have to improvise, but (Tamar Gewirtz) got us involved because we’re all good friends and we all kind of have the same goal in mind,” Martinson said. “We’re just kind of proceeding with her example and just trying to have fun with it.”

According to Martinson, SLP Mind is meant to facilitate discussions and provide an opportunity to relax.

“I know that the counseling offices overrun the students daily because everyone’s just really stressed out and having a hard time and I think activities like this can help calm that a little bit,” Martinson said. “If the chill rooms are busy you can come in in the morning and color… and just relax with us and have a discussion with us.”

Heubsch said the meeting was a good way to gather herself before school. 

“I enjoyed having a moment to sort of collect myself before school because you don’t always get the best night of sleep, or have sort of a hectic morning so it’s nice to collect myself before having to do stuff for the day,” Huebsch said. 

The club is looking to expand from activities like coloring to discussions about important mental health topics, according to Martinson. 

“We’re going to start trying to do a lot more discussions about stress management and study tips for the younger students from the older students if we get enough of all grades coming in,” Martinson said. “We’re trying to talk about the ways that our school could improve for the mental health of the students, and try to communicate with the staff and work with the staff.”