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Engaging sensory crafts to make at home

This illustration is the process of making a calm down jar. The jar is made to help cope with anxiety. It does this by giving a temporary distraction and allowing you to focus on breathing while it is spinning.

Jayde Claussen

May 28, 2020

During quarantine, boredom has kicked in and on top of that, if you struggle with ADHD or anxiety, it may be hard to get tasks done. According to a study by the National Center of Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development one way to help cope is with the use of sensory crafts, which are things like s...

Staying productive during shelter-in-place

Staying productive during shelter-in-place

Maddie Schutte

April 6, 2020

While being stuck in your house all day and trying to manage distance learning as best you can, it can be challenging to keep your days structured and productive.  Having a schedule is one of the best ways to ease anxieties, especially when it feels like our world is falling apart. One in three teens ages...

Health in the Park Fair open to all ages

Art by Maggie Klaers

Ben Sanford

February 22, 2020

According to the wellness and volunteer coordinator for St. Louis Park Laura Smith, the upcoming Health in the Park Fair Feb. 22 is an event for everybody and aims to bring the SLP community together to learn more about their well being. “The Health in the Park Fair is an event for all community...

Mental health club begins new semester

Junior Ella Atlas attends a SLP Mind club meeting Jan. 31. SLP Mind does calming activities such as coloring and listening to calm music.

Marta Hill

February 6, 2020

After attending the first SLP Mental health: Instigating Necessary Discussions meeting of the semester, senior Amelia Huebsch said the meeting was a nice break from the reality of school.  “It is just a chance to sort of calm yourself and collect yourself before you go to school. I think it real...

SLP Mind creates safe space for students

SLP Mind creates safe space for students

Maddie Schutte

January 31, 2020

Noticing the stigma around mental health in society, junior Emma Heinzen said she felt passionate about starting a club that provides a space for students to connect and act on mental health issues.  “I feel like a lot of people think that they're alone in dealing with (mental health), but everyone...

National Suicide Prevention Hotline to change number to three digits

Art by Maggie Klaers. The colors most commonly assigned to the suicide prevention awareness ribbon are turquoise and purple.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently voted to change the suicide hotline number from the traditional 10 digit phone number to a three digit number, like 911. The change from 1-800-273-8255 to 988 as the hotline number is a several month long process.

Colin Canaday

January 8, 2020

Following a vote by the Federal Communications Commission Dec. 12, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline will be shortened to three digits. Tanya Carter, a representative for the Minnesota Department of Health, said she thinks the change will help increase public knowledge about mental health issues. “Currently,...

Annual Winter Solstice Walk spreads awareness on mental illness

A nature center employee walks along the nature center paths Dec. 17. Westwood Nature Center is hosting a Be The Light Winter Solstice Walk on Dec. 21. The event is to inspire people with mental illnesses to step into the light and out of the darkness.

Jayde Claussen

December 18, 2019

St. Louis Park offers their third annual Be The Light Winter Solstice Walk Dec. 21 to encourage community members to be aware that some people in the community are experiencing mental illness. Becky McConnell, an employee at the Westwood Hills Nature Center, has assisted the planning of the program. ...

Likes on Instagram repress self-worth

Likes on Instagram repress self-worth

Ruthie Posada

December 3, 2019

The number of likes on Instagram has an incredible influence over teens and young adults today in a way that is not always positive. By taking away the number of likes, the mental health of social media users will significantly improve. The fact that Instagram has taken action to address one of the n...

Activities demonstrate ways to de-stress

Senior Rakesh Plant contributes to a mindfulness activity Oct. 21 in Spanish class. This activity helps students start the day focused and prepare for upcoming tests.

Maria Perez Barriga

November 5, 2019

Aware of the importance of self-care, junior Natural Helper Josie Briant said the Change to Chill program provides an outlet for students to decompress.  The school received the Change to Chill grant, which allowed for the implementation of Chill Week Oct. 7-11 as well as other aspects of the pro...

Anxiety workshop provides guidance

Psychotherapist Lynn Lyons speaks at Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School May 13. Lyons spoke to parents about anxiety and how to stop the worry cycle.

Ruthie Posada

June 2, 2019

As universal anxiety rates in children and teens continue to rise, Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School Head of School Yoni Binus said he thought inviting a psychotherapist to come speak to parents and staff would benefit the school’s community. “Anxiety is an issue on the forefront of our ...

Teen mental illness demands solution

Teen mental illness demands solution

Abby Intveld

December 20, 2018

The increasing stress of high school and new pressures set by society have to lead to a proliferation of mental illnesses among my generation. Despite this, we still lack sufficient mental health services to combat the rising epidemic. In response to this problem, the Minnesota Department of Health ...

Focus on school safety provides reassurance

Focus on school safety provides reassurance

Maddie Schutte

December 5, 2018

The joint St. Louis Park City Council and School Board’s latest meeting regarding the new safety measures and potential mental health resources to be implemented in Park schools helped to return the overall feeling of safety in the community. Participating in the April 20 National School Walkout last year ...

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