Park loses to Edina in Section semifinals

Boys’ hockey team loses 7-1

As junior Jonny Sorenson laced up his skates for the semifinals game against Edina, he didn’t know it was the last time this group of players would play together.

Sorenson said the team was excited to qualify for the Section 6AA semifinal, but kept in mind the game would be tough.

“We knew they would be a really good team because of their history. I think we were just really happy to get there because we haven’t won a playoff game in a while and since we’re in the highest class now, it’s a pretty big accomplishment,” Sorenson said.

Sorenson said Park didn’t play to its full potential.

“I think we played a little scared because Edina’s a powerhouse and they’re pretty good,” Sorenson said.

Head coach Colin Hohman said he enjoyed the game and believed the players gave it all they could.

“It was a fun atmosphere. It was great to see how many people came to support Park. We were happy that the players didn’t quit,” Hohman said

Hohman said he believes the team worked very hard, which led to its success later on in the season.

“The guys did a wonderful job this year. We challenged them to improve every day, which they did. We were able to have a fair amount of success and hopefully they’ll work hard, and we can have a good year next year,” Hohman said.

Sophomore Jackson Hand said he felt the team performed well, but he wished they could have had control of the puck more.

“I felt pretty confident (going into the game). I think we could’ve taken (Edina),” Hand said. “I thought we played pretty good but we could’ve done better. We could’ve gotten it out of the zone more.”

Hand said his favorite memory of the season was Park’s Feb. 23 victory over Benilde in the Section 6AA quarterfinals.

“(My favorite memory is) the Benilde game. The last one because the energy was really high in the arena,” Hand said.

Sorenson said his favorite memory was also beating Benilde Feb. 23.

Sorenson said Park’s victory over Benilde was his favorite memory because he knew it’d been a long time since Park beat Benilde.

“My favorite part was beating Benilde in playoffs because we lost to them a week earlier and we haven’t beat Benilde in 14 years,” Sorenson said.

Park ended the season with a record of 18-8-1, according to Park’s Athletic Department website. The team pulled in four more wins than its previous season, when it went 14-12.