Meet the Athlete: Shayla Miller


Ryan Barnett

How long have you been playing basketball?

I’ve been playing since I was in third grade and I started (playing) on the varsity team as an eighth grader.

What position do you play?

It’s kind of evolved actually. When I was younger I started as a center, (around) eighth to ninth grade. Now I’m more of a guard, sometimes a point guard.  

What’s your favorite part about basketball?

I really like the challenge and keeping yourself on your toes. You’re never satisfied with where you’re at, you always have something you can be better at. 

How did it feel to score your 1,000th point? 

It felt really good. Coming into this year I knew I was close, but you never really know what to expect with the season, how much you’re going to be scoring, so I didn’t really want to talk about it or get my hopes up.

I was 17 points away (in) the game that I got (1,000 points), so I really wasn’t expecting it because (scoring) 17 is a lot. Then I got it and I felt really good. 

What does scoring 1,000 points mean to you?

I think it’s recognition for my hard work. I’ve been playing for a long time, and it’s one of those things that you hope to accomplish as a basketball player. Getting to that point is just really fulfilling for me.

How did you celebrate achieving the milestone?

We took team pictures and I had everyone sign my ball from the game because you get to keep the game ball. Then my mom, my grandma, my sister (and I) went to Applebee’s.

Who has made a big impact in your basketball career?

All my coaches, specifically my summer coach, his name is Dre. He actually coaches at Hopkins High School, (and) he coached me in the summer. He was a really big impact in pushing me to the next level. I was just average in about seventh, eighth grade, and he really trained me hard and pushed me hard to get to the more elite level.

Do you have any advice to new basketball players?

I would say, don’t get too overwhelmed. You are young when you start (playing basketball) and you don’t want to push yourself too hard and get burnt out. You just want to have fun with it and let it take you where it leads you.