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Ryan Barnett
¡Hola amigos! My name is Ryan Barnett, I am a junior, and I’m an assistant copy editor, which means that I obviously have perfect, gramarr and sppeling. This is my first year on Echo but I act like I run the place cause I have connections on the inside, supa hush hush tho so don’t tell. I’m known for being lanky, eating too much food and taking long naps. In my free time I like to pretend to do my homework, play volleyball, and remind my friends every 10 minutes that I speak Spanish fluently. I talk waaaaaay too much and everybody knows me as the one guy with the British dad (yes he has an accent, stop asking xoxo). If you ever need me, just yell really loudly and I’ll come running. Ok I gotta go now so bye.

Ryan Barnett, Infographics Editor

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Ryan Barnett