Baseball loses 2-4 to Southwest

Team plays Robbinsdale Armstrong, fights to continue season

After losing to Southwest 2-4 May 29, the Park baseball team anticipates playing Robbinsdale Armstrong to continue their Sections run.

According to head coach Brian Kelly, although the Park team hit the ball well, Robbinsdale Armstrong gained all four of their runs in a single inning bringing them to a win.

“They were a really tough opponent. They got all of their 4 runs in one inning with two outs. I thought we hit the ball really well,” Kelly said.

Senior captain Shea Pekarek said despite the team’s win against Southwest earlier in the season, Park was unable to come out on top during Sections.

“A lot of stuff didn’t really go our way. We were hoping to get one on them because we got one on them a couple weeks earlier,” Pekarek said. “We hit the ball well, but it didn’t really fall our way.”

Despite the loss May 29, the team will have another chance at continuing their season in tonight’s game against Robbinsdale Armstrong May 31.

Kelly said the double elimination rule during Sections shows the true quality of each team.

“Baseball is such a unique sport. The pitcher is different every game and a bigger sample size is needed to really see who the best is, so that is why baseball does double elimination,” Kelly said. “It allows a little bit more flexibility on the coaches and you are able to be creative from time to time. And it gives you a second shot.”

Pekarek said he expects the team to remain focused during Sections and compete at a higher level to continue their season.  

“We’re just expecting everyone to come out because we’re fighting for our season right here. I think everyone’s just going to probably lock in and know what needs to be done,” Pekarek said.

The Orioles take on Robbinsdale Armstrong at 6:30 p.m. May 31 at Hopkins High School.