Skiers get an early start on training

Hannah Hein, Design Editor

New and old members find ways to get into shape before winter

Although the ground is clear of snow and winter is still far away, the Nordic Ski team is busy preparing for its upcoming season.

Senior captain Carter Robinson said it is important to keep up with conditioning even when it is not ski season.
“In order to stay on top of your game and be able to stay competitive with the best, you have to train year round,” Robinson said. “Roller skiing is a way to do that and it is a great way to improve technique.”
However Robinson said roller skiing can be dangerous.
“We will only let people who have roller skied before come with us because we do not want anyone to get hurt,” he said.
Freshman Sari Hattis has been a member of the ski team since seventh grade but is not a roller skier. She said she plans on using alternate methods of preparation like diet and physical activity to start the season in good shape.
“To prepare for the season I am also going to continue to eat healthy,” Hattis said. “If I have time I will do some running with friends.”
For senior Gillian McCuistion, a new member to the ski team, advice from veteran skiers helped her decide how to train for the sport.
“Instead of roller skiing, I plan to prepare for the season by running,” she said. “I’ve heard that’s what a lot of people do because not everybody has roller skis.”
McCuistion said her friends convinced her to join even though she has never skied before.
“I wanted to go out for a new sport my senior year to change things up and experience something new, but I wasn’t sure which one to join,” she said. “I have heard the team is a lot of fun and has a really great dynamic. I’m most excited to meet new people and hopefully make new friends.”
Hattis said the annual trip helps foster friendships that bring the team closer together and helps younger skiers form bonds with upperclassmen.
“My favorite is the winter trip at Giant’s Ridge. It’s a good time to have late night parties and go night skiing,” she said. “By the end of the season we are all so close and we have such tight bonds with every skier.”
McCuistion said it is the team’s reputation for being close that will make her first skiing experience memorable.

“I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m awful at it,” she said. “It’s still a lot of fun to be around great people.”

Practice starts Nov. 12 and registration materials are available in the athletic office.

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