Ski team looks to postseason


Nick Shaughnessy, Beats Editor

As new skiers joined sport, roster increased to 106 members

After a difficult conference meet, senior captain Carter Robinson said the Nordic Ski team hopes to bounce back for its sections meet Feb. 4.

“We’ve faced many strong opponents this season, but unfortunately didn’t do as well in conference,” Robinson said. “We hope to prove our worth at sections by placing better.”

With many skiers new to the sport, head boys’ coach Doug Peterson said the team had a long learning process for these upcoming meets.

“The problem with many of the younger skiers is that they don’t always realize the importance of the big meets,” Peterson said. “However, many are learning that they’re going to get beat before they win.”

According to Peterson, one of the meets the team traditionally places higher in is the Elm Creek conference championships that took place Jan. 25. At the race the girls’ team placed third, and the boys’ placed fourth.

Freshman Zoe Eilers, a returning varsity skier, said she is excited about skiing at sections for her first time.

“I’m definitely really nervous for the sections meet, but excited to just do my best,” she said. “As a team I think we all just want to end with a good time, and finish the season really strongly.”

Similar hope is felt by senior varsity skiers who feel their training is lining up well with their performance at sections. Senior girls’ captain Sophie Olson said she believes the team is now set to continue placing strongly.

“We’ve done all the work we can do to improve, and now it’s about maintaining our strengths in order to ski well,” Olson said.

Peterson said he believes the team will have to focus on certain people to create enough momentum to make it to the State meet.

“It’s a long shot making State as a team, but we’re really focused on the individuals,” Peterson said.

The sections meet for boys’ and girls’ will be Feb. 4 at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Followed by State on Feb. 14 at Giant’s Ridge.