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Maddy Bremner
“Heartbreakers gonna break break break… Haters gonna hate hate hate… But I’m just gonna shake shake shake…” Taylor Swift, one of my main role models, easily quotes my feelings for the Echo and senior year in general. I know I’m going to have some haters out there, I know I’m going to break some hearts this year, but I’m just going to shake it off with things I love to do. Designing is probably the thing that helps me “shake off” my haters the most, and by excellent luck I am the other design editor on this paper! Fun facts about me: I lost my family’s turtle outside once, I always carry sterling silver silverware with me in case I get any free food, and my hair has magical powers (Like Rapunzel, it has the powers of youth and I can also lasso things with it). If I’m not in the pub on the computer I’m sleeping somewhere. Either in my bed, at a desk during class, on the couch, on the floor, in my car,  etc. If you can’t find me just wait for a few hours- when I awaken from my deep slumber I will be able to fulfill your request. Probably. If I don’t fall asleep again first.

Maddy Bremner, In-Depth Editor

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Maddy Bremner