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The student news site of St. Louis Park High School

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The private bathrooms within the At Large Lab are now open Nov. 2. The At Large Lab promotes new access to bathrooms for all students to use as they please.

Park opens up new gender neutral bathrooms

Deuce Serrano November 15, 2023

With bathroom closures and the way that bathrooms are treated, students were left feeling uncomfortable using the bathroom. A solution was to open the gender neutral bathrooms in the at large lab, accessible...

Photo illustration by Jacob Perszyk

The privilege to pee

Maren Wilsey and Johanna Kaplan May 15, 2023

Recently, Park has seen a number of bathroom closures throughout the school.  Administration clarified that the C3 boys’ bathroom has been closed for maintenance, and they lack staff to monitor women's...

Door to the At Large Lab. The code on the side is no longer functional.

At Large Lab locked up

Sarah Kluckhohn November 11, 2022

Park has four gender neutral bathrooms, two of which sit in the At Large Lab on the second floor of the C hallway. Formerly, students could enter the At Large Lab with a code distributed from student to...

New gender-neutral bathroom policy demeaning

New gender-neutral bathroom policy demeaning

Ivan Zank October 31, 2022

Park has various gender-neutral bathrooms across the building. With the new bathroom policy, the administration is cutting that number back from three to two.  The main gender neutral bathroom is in...

One of the six all-gender restrooms is located in the A3 hallway. All-gender restrooms are valuable for students who feel uncomfortable in gendered restrooms, according
 to senior Kris Moe.

Locked out of inclusivity

Sophia Curran-Moore December 2, 2021

According to senior Kris Moe, the hassle of coordinating bathroom usage during school is exacerbated for non binary students. Moe said finding a restroom feels like solving a math problem. “It’s...

The women’s bathroom in the C3 hallway remains locked due to maintenance issues Oct. 28. Multiple bathrooms in the high school have been closed due to maintenance issues.

Bathroom measures cause frustration

Avery Stahl October 31, 2021

The sinks aren't working, paper towels are gone, soap isn't stocked and the bathrooms are closed - leading many students to be frustrated about the state of the bathrooms. Sophomore Oliver Salita said...

Senior Alex Riley takes a shot during the Sno Daze pep fest Feb. 14. Student Council announced the possibility of new mirrors in the bathrooms if students participated in dress codes.

Staff Editorial: Bathroom mirrors should not be incentive

February 24, 2020

Going to the bathroom at school is a hassle. First, you have to find an unlocked bathroom and wait in line for an open stall. Also, few bathrooms include mirrors, so you have to search for a bathroom with...

Park trail, issue 2

Park trail, issue 2

Isabel Kjaer October 31, 2019

GLC Tony Schrepfer introduces the new policies to the class of 2023 Sept. 6. Grade level meetings were held the first week of school during advisory to introduce the policies.

Administration faces uproar from students

Marta Hill, Isabel Kjaer, and Kaia Myers September 17, 2019

While looking back on the grade level assemblies held during the first week of school, assistant principal Jessica Busse said that despite initial backlash to the policies. She thinks after the transition...

A destroyed sink placed in one of the toilets of the boys bathroom in the B3 hallway March 28. According to Meyers, the district is working on various other projects, which has slowed the repair process for vandalism in the high school bathrooms.

Facility vandalism locks bathrooms

Dani Orloff and Abby Intveld April 21, 2019

As sophomore Cal Stokes walks from class to class, he said passing time is not enough time for going to the restroom. “I can end up being late for class and being marked tardy because I have to use...

Photo illustration

Lack of maintenance staff causes issues

Abby Intveld and Dani Orloff November 11, 2018

Searching the halls for an open girls' bathroom, freshman Isra Mohamed said she feels the locked bathrooms take away from learning during the school day.   “I think it’s stupid because sometimes...

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