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Used with permission from Jill Merkle.

Social Studies teacher becomes soccer coach

Lilia Gonzalez September 23, 2021

What made you want to become a soccer coach? I’ve coached before and I always really loved coaching because it’s a group of people that are choosing to be there and it’s an outdoor activity. The...

Used with permission from Anna Overall.

Senior continues leading SLP Streetwear

Jacob Khabie September 22, 2021

What does SLP Streetwear do? We do all things that are related to fashion. Sometimes we’ll watch videos, sometimes we'll do projects related to high fashion, sometimes we'll do stuff related to local...

Used with permission from Sara Peterson

Science teacher fits exercise into busy schedule

Johanna Kaplan September 21, 2021

Being a full-time teacher, how busy are you on a day-to-day basis? It's very busy. I worked in communications and marketing for 13 years before becoming a teacher and I was never even remotely as busy...

Katie Boerboom works on ninth grade environmental science notes, Sept. 16. Boerboom has began teaching environmental science and will move on to biology.

Student-teacher plans to gain teaching experience

Aisha Hersi September 19, 2021

Why did you decide to do your teaching at Park?  I actually didn’t have any choice in it; they had to place me outside of my normal school district. I’m from Marshall, MN which is a rural town...

Freshman Born Anderson designs his own shirts, May 28. Anderson expresses his creativity through the designs on his shirts.

Freshman launches clothing brand

Crystal Diaz June 1, 2021

What inspired you to start this clothing brand? I always see things on social media, people starting out on clothing brands, and I’m in Business Innovations, so then I thought I'm gonna do it. I was...

Noam Helpern wearing one of Henry Salitas masks. Freshman Henry Salita sells masks on Instagram.

Freshman starts selling masks

Colin Canaday May 17, 2021

What sparked the idea for selling masks? My teacher asked me (to come up with) something relevant and something that people need, and, clearly, we’re going through a pandemic. So I thought selling...

Used with permission of Zoe Frank.

Senior finishes first draft of novel

Lauren Thon May 4, 2021

What inspired you to write your novel? I have always really liked writing and for as long as I can remember, I have always written story after story. This idea was really inspired by a couple songs...

From firefighter to teacher — art teacher gives insight on past job

From firefighter to teacher — art teacher gives insight on past job

Johanna Kaplan April 27, 2021

When did you work as a firefighter? 1999 to 2004. Why did you want to be a firefighter, what motivated you to do it? I was not liking my job and my husband at the time said ‘hey, you've always...

Used with permission from Joe Mcgurgan

Junior creates Instagram account for business

Tenzin Gyaldatsang March 16, 2021

Why did you decide to make these wooden pens? I’ve been into woodworking for about three years. I took woodworking I and II in the past two years, so I decided that I would sell stuff and make a business...

Used with permission from Semona Robel.

Junior competes in Criminal Justice Opinion Essay contest for Star Tribune

Lauren Thon March 10, 2021

How did you hear about the contest held by the Star Tribune? I am in debate and that is initially how I heard about it. My debate coach had copied me in an email announcing that there was going to be...

Used with permission from Vanthay Hong.

Alum writes children’s book

Molly Schochet December 9, 2020

Can you give a short introduction to who you are? I was born in Cambodia, moved to the states in 1998 to St. Louis Park. (I) went through the elementary school, went to Cedar Manor, the junior high...

Sophomore Rosario Montero- Ward practices a dance routine March 19. Montero-Ward is creating a new dance club starting fall of 2020.

Sophomore expresses self through dance

Megan Hoenie May 5, 2020

What are you doing? So right now we are working on starting a dance team. Hopefully like next year we would probably have a performance team in the fall and potentially in the winter, but probably just...

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