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Junior Murphy Fries and Ava Hanson work on their assignments in the Learning Lab Feb. 12. Seniors and freshmen will be returning to school Feb. 22, split into three cohorts with a new hybrid-learning plan.

Staff Editorial: Return to hybrid learning raises concerns

Sam Listiak February 15, 2021

Although distance learning has taken a toll on many of us, it may be a little too early to go back into school. Park introduced a plan which includes freshmen and seniors returning back to school for hybrid...

Junior Will Dooley eats lunch during hybrid learning Oct. 26. Park students were no longer required to attend asynchronous check-ins as of Jan. 25.

Staff Editorial: End of asynchronous check-ins proves beneficial

February 5, 2021

Although asynchronous check-ins were initially helpful in building community and offering extra support, ending the check-ins Jan. 25 was the right decision. It seemed every teacher treated the mandatory...

Sophomore Frankie Robello works on his computer at the Oriole Study Nest Dec. 17. The Study Nest is open Monday to Friday during school hours and is a resource for those who need a quiet environment to work.

Staff editorial: Schedule changes bring hope for academic success

January 26, 2021

During Park Connections, Park was introduced to a possible change to block scheduling. Students at Park were asked to fill out google forms to express their sentiments towards the changes for the upcoming...

Seniors Claire Bargman and Olivia Etz ski at the track during Nordic’s first practice Jan. 4. The Nordic team has been split up into four pods with 25 people each.

Staff Editorial: Students should reevaluate their pods

January 15, 2021

With new changes in the community like the return to sports across Minnesota, the pod size of students has steadily grown. Opinions vary in the definition of what a pod is and how big it should be. The...

Jeffrey Cohen works with students over Zoom during an asynchronous period Jan. 8. The Echo Editorial Board believes one-on-one or optional asynchronous classes like these should be implemented at Park.

Staff Editorial: Check-ins for asynchronous classes unproductive

January 9, 2021

Using up work time for attendance during asynchronous class periods proves to be a waste of students time after almost a semester doing it. At the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, it was well established...

Junior Juan Russy skates up the ice with the puck in his possession Nov. 12. After Gov. Tim Walz’s restrictions end, students believe high-risk sports like hockey may be delayed longer than low-risk sports such as Nordic skiing

Staff Editorial: Low-risk sports deemed safe to return after restrictions are lifted

December 14, 2020

Restrictions were imposed Nov. 20 for winter sports, delaying them for four weeks. Gov. Tim Walz will make an announcement on whether the delay will be extended, or end, on Dec. 18. Walz has broken up...

Math teacher Erik Ahlquist talks with students during an AP Calculus class. Students can now receive help from their teachers by signing up on the Student Support Time App for either individual or group sessions.

Staff Editorial: Student Support Time proves beneficial

December 11, 2020

Under the weight of the ongoing pandemic, many are struggling to keep up with school work. But, Park has our back.  With the Student Support Time App, which was rolled out last month, administration...

Junior Murphy Fries works to complete her schoolwork in the Orioles Nest. The Orioles Nest is a safe place to work on schoolwork during the school day.

Staff Editorial: Orioles’ Nest program feels safe

November 22, 2020

Although Park has moved to distance learning, the administration created a program that allows students an opportunity to study in-person. With the new Orioles’ Nest program, students are able to go...

Students leave school after their final day of hybrid learning. The School Board voted for Park to transition back to distance learning starting Nov. 16.

Staff Editorial: Move to distance learning justified

November 16, 2020

Although originally planning to increase to 50% capacity Nov. 16, the School Board unanimously voted for Park to return to distance learning starting Nov. 16, in a Nov. 9 meeting.  Park will be going...

Interim Principal Wendy Loberg talks to a student during lunch Oct. 26. Park began a hybrid model at 25% capacity Oct. 26.

Staff Editorial: First week of hybrid proves safe

October 31, 2020

Students with the last name A-E were welcomed back for the first day of 25% hybrid learning Oct. 26. All students were divided into five cohorts, four in-person cohorts and one fully distance learning....

Whitney Meierotto-Simon, former head coach of the girls’ volleyball team, strategizes with the rest of the group Nov. 8, 2019. The fall seasons of volleyball and football were both reinstated Sept. 21, 2020 despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff editorial: Football poses risk, volleyball safe enough to play

September 26, 2020

On Sept. 21, the Minnesota State High School League decided to reinstate the fall seasons of volleyball and football. Considering the nature of the sport and surging COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, football...

Art by Maggie Klaers. Park administration announced the high school would switch to a pass-fail grading system for the rest of the semester.

Staff Editorial: Pass-no credit system’s value unclear

May 5, 2020

Although it is important to ensure accessibility and fairness for all students, Park’s decision to switch to the pass-no credit grading system may not have been the right one, and the roll-out of the...

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