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Sophomore gives back to the community

Used with permission from Amelia Mcgregor
Amelia Mcgregor volunteers at animal shelters
November 24, 2020

Starting out as a trip to visit the animals at the Humane Society, sophomore Amelia Mcgregor became inspired to help. Mcgregor said volunteering and helping the community brings her joy. “(Volunteering)...

Assistant stage manager shines

Used with permission from Meshach Mandel.
Meshach Mandel helps to oversee, produce fall show
November 18, 2020

In his first time filling the role of assistant stage manager at Park, sophomore Meshach Mandel said he has loved working with the cast and crew while organizing the fall play. “I’ve always liked...

Junior earns nomination from MN Football Hub

Used with permission from Christian Arteaga.
Christian Arteaga’s devotion inspires others
November 18, 2020

Although he did not win the title, the work junior Christian Arteaga put in to be nominated for Defensive Player of the Week by MN Football Hub did not go unnoticed. “I had a lot of people hitting...

Junior writes her own music

Used with permission from Grace Stillman.
‘Loose Ends’ shows emotion through track
November 17, 2020

When junior Grace Stillman released her new song “Loose Ends,” she said she received positive feedback. “Most people say they like it, which is really good. Some people also said they were connected...

Senior designs costumes from home for upcoming performance

Used with permission from Ella Miller
COVID-19 causes challenges for school activities
November 17, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak, students have had to adapt to the changes made by the school administration in order to ensure the safety of everyone. Senior Ella Miller, the costume designer for the upcoming...

Sophomore volunteers at local food shelf

Sophomore Stayci Spates proves to be an asset at the local food shelf. She gives back to the community by volunteering every Saturday at her church's food shelf.
Second language proves helpful
November 8, 2020

Through these difficult times, sophomore Stayci Spates has been giving back to her community by volunteering at the Minneapolis Central Church of Christ food shelf every Saturday.  “My Mom started...

Student reaches over 100k followers on TikTok

Junior Gavin Thoe makes a dancing TikTok while on break at his job at Five Guys. Thoe has gained 103 thousand followers since he began making TikToks in November 2018.
Fun content allows junior to go viral
November 6, 2020

After hitting 100,000 followers on TikTok, junior Gavin Thoe posted a mash-up of videos of his most popular content as a thank you to his fans. Thoe said that he is grateful to have an app where he...

Senior gets involved in election

Senior gets involved in election
Senior Elie Grassley volunteers for the Biden Campaign
November 5, 2020

With the recent presidential election, many students got involved politically in various ways. One student, Elie Grassley, took it to the next level. She is a co-chair of Minnesota High Schoolers for Biden....

Junior starts new financial club

Junior starts new financial club
Interest in stocks and finance inspires club creation
November 4, 2020

When junior James Vournakis expressed interest in exploring the world of finance, his parents allowed him to open a brokerage account. According to Vournakis, the account helped spark his interest in finance...

Captain’s tennis career comes to an end

Senior captain Selee Olmen returns the ball to the opposing team Sept. 22. Park lost its first varsity match 4-3 to Chanhassen.
Selee Olmen inspires teammates on, off the court
November 2, 2020

Senior Selee Olmen recently completed her high school tennis career when she competed in her last match Oct. 14. When reflecting on her time, Olmen said her commitment to being a leader on and off the...

Junior organizes voting outreach for students

Used with permission from Semona Robel. 
Junior Semona Robel organizes voting outreach for Park Students.
Semona Robel creates change in society
October 28, 2020

Along with others, junior Semona Robel participates in organizing individual voter outreach to ensure Park seniors are voting this year. According to Robel, taking part in voter registration outreach is...

Skellyton Upcycle on the rise

Used with permission from Ciera Skelly.
Senior creates business during pandemic
October 13, 2020

Although painting her clothes started as a pastime in middle school, senior Ciera Skelly said she has now turned it into her own brand: Skellyton Upcycle a reality.  “I’ve always made clothes for...

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