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The student news site of St. Louis Park High School

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The student news site of St. Louis Park High School

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Students walk during passing time Nov. 27. Park is implemented hallway sweeps to encourage students to arrive to class on time.

Hallway resets resume at Park

Will Carpenter December 11, 2023

Hallway resets picked back up this year at Park to try to get more students to class on time. Many students remember them from last year, and how staff members would walk the hallways looking for students...

Quarter one comes to a mediocre finale

Quarter one comes to a mediocre finale

Georgia Hughes November 8, 2023

The first quarter of the year is done, and it feels like any other random Friday off. While the end of the quarter usually isn’t anything to write home about, and the end of the semester is when the...

Seventh grader Gabbie Loberg winds up to return the serve on Sept. 14. She is one of multiple middle schoolers on varsity.

Young athletes on high school teams

Thomas Halverson October 2, 2023

Most high school sports teams have allowed middle school students to join high school sports teams due to merit-based performances or no cut policies. This allows for middle school athletes to play at...

Let me SLPee

Let me SLPee

Anya Panday May 16, 2023

This year, Park has begun to implement new school policies in order to start to “normalize” school after COVID-19. These policies include new grading systems, phone policies and weirdest of all, pass...

Biden’s immigration policy is neglectful

Biden’s immigration policy is neglectful

Sarah Kluckhohn May 15, 2023

In response to the pandemic, the Trump administration issued a collection of temporary immigration restrictions in 2020 known as Title 42. The policy allows immigration officials to turn away migrants...

In room B241, senior Fiona Petrie reaches for her phone. Sherri Fox uses Phone Jail to phone usage in the classroom.

Staff Editorial: Device expectations reminder

May 6, 2022

With phones becoming more of a distraction more often, Park has made an attempt to implement the student cell phone policy. The Echo Editorial Board unanimously believes administration should communicate...

A Park teacher prints using the At-Large Lab printer. According to librarian Ellen George, students and teachers will now be using different printers.

Students prevented from printing at school

Samantha Klepfer December 17, 2019

In high school, it is required for many classes that students print assignments. In some cases, it’s required that students print during their class period. When students aren’t able to perform this...

The debate over body cameras ended and police officers will begin testing out which body cameras to wear.

Police officers to start new security policy

Maria Perez-Barriga October 1, 2018

The St. Louis Park Police Department recently ended the heated debate on wearing body cameras while on duty and are in the process of testing. Mike Garland, a lieutenant officer for St. Louis Park, said...

Senior Isaac Swartz swings a forehand returning a shot against Bloomington Jefferson during their match April 24. 2018.

Boys’ tennis team size affected by sports policy

Eli Curran-Moore and Tennam Gyaldatsang April 25, 2018

As the boys’ tennis team suits up for the season, the size of the team is affecting the team's chances in competition, according to senior captain Sam Birnberg. Birnberg said Park has a sports policy...

New hallway policy proves too strict

New hallway policy proves too strict

Aisha Abdi April 5, 2018

At the end of the first semester, the school administration introduced a new procedure for passes. This procedure is excessive for both teachers and students. The updated passes are color coordinated...

Photo illustration by Grace Farley.

Taser device activation in classroom determined not threatening

Atticus Raasch and Annabella Strathman February 14, 2018

A student’s handheld taser was activated during a fifth hour Business Innovations class Jan. 18, according to assistant principal Charles Johnson-Nixon. “It was something his mother had given to...

Drug policy should be more accessible

Drug policy should be more accessible

November 17, 2017

According to the student handbook, “possession, use or being under the influence of any narcotic, drug or controlled substance, alcohol or other mood-altering substance, while on school grounds” is...

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