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New science teacher brings fresh perspective to Park

New teacher Sophie Sigel explains an activity to her class Feb. 8. After teaching in Taiwan last semester, Sigel started this semester as a tutor and biology teacher.

Maggie Klaers and Ruthie Posada

February 18, 2019

Sophie Sigel, the science department’s newest member, will be teaching biology classes this semester. “I am doing some tutoring for English and science in the mornings, and I also teach biology,” Sigel said. According to one of Sigel’s biology students, junior Karie Chula, Sigel’s optim...

Park Family Science Night cut this year

Park graduates Carly Livingston and Olivia Massie presented their project to elementary students at Family Science Night in 2017.

Amaia Barajas

October 10, 2018

As senior Paige Slavik reflects on Park Family Science Night, she considers it an accessible way to connect with teachers and learn more about the subject through interactive presentations. “I think it’s a great idea to get elementary students involved in science and to see the high school and...

Science Department creates Disney-themed bracket competition

Science teacher Peter Dangerfield tallies up votes on Disney-themed brackets May 2.

Alex Balfour

May 8, 2018

Discovering numerous March Madness inspired brackets all over the internet, science teacher Peter Dangerfield said he came across an animated Disney movie bracket and felt inspired to bring something similar to Park. “There’s tons of brackets that go around the internet and I saw on some site th...

New science instructor adds to equation

Chemistry teacher Patrick Puskala uses his Macbook Pro to teach class Feb. 2.

Lukas Levin

February 2, 2018

The science department recently hired a new member to their staff, chemistry teacher Patrick Puskala. Puskala said arriving at Park was a jarring yet unique experience. “(Coming to Park) is kind of a shock, but I think it’s a nice place, (and) I like my students. I can’t say anything bad,”...

Science department accepts donations

IB Biology teacher Julie Schilz teaches in a class on November 9. The science department accepts donations from students and their families to help fund the science program.

Abby Intveld and Emma Kempf

November 20, 2017

When IB Biology teacher Julie Schilz informed her class about the science department accepting donations from students’ families, junior Thomas Pelowitz said he thought it was a good idea. “I think it’s good teachers don’t necessarily pressure (donations), it’s just more thought of as a...

Science Department organizes weekly potlucks

Science department gathers for weekly potluck on Jan. 10.

Alex Balfour, Yonah Davis, and Navjot Kaur

January 11, 2017

When Chemistry teacher Alexander Polk enters the science room on a Potluck day, he feels relieved in his ability to unwind and share pre-made food with his peers. According to science teacher Alan Wachutka, the science department teachers participate in a weekly potluck with various themes depending ...

Chemistry labs accessible at home

Junior Chloee Thompson measures substance for an in class lab. Many chemistry labs are also accessible at home.

Alex Balfour, Yonah Davis, and Navjot Kaur

December 20, 2016

Junior Abdul Ibrahim enjoys participating in chemistry labs because they demonstrate class subjects in an interactive way. According to chemistry teacher Alexander Polk, many labs performed in class can be completed at home by anyone, not just a chemistry student. “If you are not in chemistry a...

Science department strives for equity

AP environmental science teacher Al Wachutka assists freshman Sophia Davenport and Wyatt Gann during a lab in class.

Deanna Afremov

November 10, 2015

During its ongoing workshops at the Science Museum of Minnesota, the science department discusses equity and curriculum reform, according to teacher Al Wachutka. Wachutka said the department uses the Science House, a resource center for teachers at the Science Museum of Minnesota, to reform c...

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